2019 Chomebook Turn-in

It is time to collect Chromebooks for summer break.
Students need to bring their Chromebook and charger to school on the selected days. They will be called to the depot in Room 212 through their English classes on their assigned day. See the schedule and possible charges (below) for missing or damanged units and chargers. Any incured fees must be paid as soon as possible to avoid report card and diploma holds.
MS/HS Grades 6-12
We will use English classes to collect in the depot.
Wednesday May 15th - Grades 6, 7, and 8.
Thursday May 16th - Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.
Friday May 17th - Any remaining units.
Where -
Room 212 Tech Depot. We will have two stations setup for them to walk in with their unit, wipe the unit down with a wipe, and hand it to us for checking and scanning in. If there is damage, missing parts, etc., they will get an invoice for the charges. Underclassmen will be issued their same CB when they return in the fall.
Charges -
If a CB is damaged, missing, or missing parts the student/parent will be invoiced for the repairs at the established rates.
-- Damaged screen, plastic bezel intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged screen, plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged keyboard or missing key/s -- $25.00
-- Full Replacement cost -- $200.00
Chromebook Invoices must be paid in full before underclassmen will receive their reports cards for the 4th nine weeks. Graduating seniors will not receive their diploma until CB invoices are paid in full. Invoices can be paid in person in the principals off or online through our website: https://claylocal.revtrak.net/Student-Fee-Payments#/v/chromebook-fees

Additional information

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