Chromebook Care and Tips

Here are some reminders for use and care of student Chromebooks.
Classroom teachers, please go over the information with your students, especially the guidelines.
Parents/Guardians, you may want to go over some of these with your student as well.
If we take care of the Chromebooks we can insure their use for years to come and keep this program operational.
Guidelines for Chromebooks
  1. Use both hands or the handle when carrying your Chromebook.
  2. Do not lift the Chromebook by its screen. Close it before moving or carrying.
  3. Do not put excessive weight onto your Chromebook.
    1. NOTE - Some book bags have built in laptop pockets. These are good, but you cannot place excessive amounts of books on top of it, or drop or slam your bag.
  4. Do not eat or drink by your Chromebook.
  5. Only clean the screen with a soft dry anti-static cloth or microfiber cloth.
  6. Do not put excessive pressure on the screen.
  7. Do not leave the Chromebook in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  8. Do not put stickers on the Chromebook.
  9. Do not tamper with or alter  or remove the identification labels currently on the Chromebook.
  10. Remember you are responsible for any damage or breakage and will have to pay to repair it.
Chromebook Cheat Sheets
Using the touch pad - Some tips and tricks for the touch pad. (Click to enlarge.)
Using the function keys - The keys at the top of the screen for changing settings. (Click to enlarge.)
Doing more with the control key and keyboard short cuts - Holding the control key opens up a lot of shortcut functions on your keyboard. (Click to enlarge.)
Getting Help
  1. First, ask your teacher
    1. Often times they will be able to help you.
  2. Ask a peer.
    1. All students have a same Chromebooks, maybe someone already knows the answer to a question you have.
    2. Maybe you can help someone else.
  3. Fill out a helpdesk ticket
    1. and "Open a New Ticket"
    2. Pick "Tech Support" from the list.
    3. Be sure to include your clay student email so we can respond.
  4. Ask your teacher if you can take your Chromebook to the Tech Depot in room 212 for help or to get it fixed.


Additional information

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