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2012-2013 BYOD Surveys for Students

Read more: 2012-2013 BYOD Surveys for Students

For the 2012-2013 school year, Clay implemented and tested a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Device program. This survey and its results will help guide the future of this BYOT program.

Students - Take the student survey here.

Teachers and Staff - Take the staff survey here.

FMX Change

Effective 11/12/2013 - Looking for FMX? Due to rising costs and budget contraints, we are no longer using FMX.

Support Center - Use the Support Center for submtting tech, maintenance, custodial, and other requests. If you had an open ticket in FMX, you DO NOT need to reinter it. It will be imported into Support Center shortly.

Google Calendar - Use the Google Calendar for submitting schedule request for computer labs, gyms, and other rooms. Your Clay email is your login for the Google Calendar. If you had a recurring event scheduled in FMX, you DO NOT need to reenter it into Google Calendar. It will be imported into Google Calendar shortly.

Google Calendar
Scheduling Site

Support Center
Submit a Ticket



CRSS - Clay Resource Scheduling System

Book Computer Labs or Chromebook Carts

MUST USE YOUR @claylocalschools.org ACCOUNT!

Book ELM Lab 106
Book HS Lab 221
Book MS Lab 220
Book Chromebook Cart A - Pref to Rose, Jackson, G Cayton
Book Chromebook Cart B - Pref to Myerly, Fons, Everman, and Robinson
Book Chromebook Cart C - Pref to S Cayton, Sutton, Haskins, Mays, Betten, Colley
Book Chromebook Cart D - Pref to Hempill and Strickland (coming soon)
Book Chromebook Cart E - Pref to Tipton and White (coming soon)
Book Chromebook Cart F - Pref to Zuefle and Shepherd (coming soon)

To delete a Booked Lab or Chromebook Cart Period

Managing Chrome

Managing Chrome 

Delete unwanted extensions - If you are experiencing issues with pop-ups, ads, or other unwanted sites try clearing your Chrome Extensions. Simply copy and paste the following into your address bar:


and click the trash can next to any unknown extension. Close and re-open chrome and you should be good.


General Chrome Settings - Sometimes you just need to reset your home page or search engine. This can be managed from the Settings page. You can click the menu button in the top right and go to "Settings" or paste the following into your address bar:



CLS Office Kiosks

All links require @claylocalschools staff logins to view. Current lists are uploaded into the archive lists at the end of each calendar month.


Student Late Sign-in:

Current Student Late Sign-In List

Archive Student Late Sign-In List


Student Early Sign-Out:

Current Student Early Sign-Out List

Archive Student Early Sign-Out List


Visitor Log:

Current Visitor Log

Archive Visitor Log


SCView is our online system for all Treasurers' office related forms.

  • Requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices
  • Leave Requests
  • Mileage and other reimbursements
  • Timesheets for hourly employees.
  • Other treasurer's office documentation and archives.

What would you like to do?

Contine to
SCView Website




Help and How-Tos




Ordering/Requisition Flowchart
Read more: SCView









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View the Requisition Guide Sheet
Read more: SCView





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NOTICE!! - Chromebook Turn-In Schedule and Proceedure

Read more: NOTICE!! - Chromebook Turn-In Schedule and Proceedure




Schedule -

Grades 6 and 7 - Tuesday 5/15
Grades 8 and 9 - Wednesday 5/16
Grades 10, 11, and 12 - Thursday 5/16


Time -

Classroom teachers will direct students when to turn in their units.


Location -

Technology Depot room 212


What -

Students must turn in their Chromebook and charger in good working order.


Invoices/Charges -

Missing or damaged units and chargers will result in an invoice for repair charges. Charges must be paid in full before underclassmen will receive their report cards or seniors will receive their diplomas. Schedule of repair charges per the CB use agreement are:
-- Cut, damaged, broken, or lost power-cord -- $35.00
-- Damaged screen, plastic bezel intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged screen, plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic intact -- $80.00
-- Damaged motherboard, bottom plastic cracked -- $100.00
-- Damaged keyboard or missing key/s -- $25.00
-- Full Replacement cost -- $200.00
--- Invoices/Charges can be paid in person in the principals office or online here: https://claylocal.revtrak.net/Student-Fee-Payments#/v/chromebook-fees



Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 740-280-2529

Helpdesk Links

Please choose a department:


Technology Department


Maintenance Department



Online Media/PR




Chromebook Agreement

Read more: Chromebook Agreement






To simplify registration and reduce paperwork, the Chromebook Parent/Student agreement has been merged into the Parent/Student Handbooks. New for the 2018-2019 school year Parents can get digital copies of the handbook and sign the handbook agreement online. 
Parents will need to have completed and signed the Handbook Agreement before Chromebooks will be issued to students in grades 6-12 or assigned to students in grades K-5.
Link to Handbooks and Handbook Parent/Student Agreements is http://clay.k12.oh.us/handbooks

Additional information

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