Cline Signs with Kentucky Christian University Golf

Caleb Cline signed a letter of intent on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, to play men's golf at Kentucky Christian University. On hand for the signing was the KCU's golf coach, Steve Kennedy; Clay's golf coach; Kyle Keaton; and Caleb's family.

In 2016, Caleb received the golf team's Most Improved Award, the Lowest Average Award, and SOC First Team Award.  He followed up the 2016 campaign with his best year.  He received the team's Most Pars and Lowest Average Awards.  He also garnered the prestigious Clay High School Panther Award.  Caleb was on the SOC First Team and was Honorable Mention in the SE District. Portsmouth Daily Times article

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Clay HS Golf 2017

Clay HS Golf


Date Opponent Location Time Result
8/8/17 Eastern, ND, West Shawnee GC 4:00 Result
8/9/19 SOC - Preview #1 Little Scioto 10:30 Won (192)
8/10/17 Portsmouth Invitational Elks CC 10:00 Result
8/14/17 SOC #1 Little Scioto 1:30  Result
8/21/17 North Adams Hilltop GC 4:00  
8/23/17 SOC - Preview #2 Big Beaver 4:00  
8/24/17 SOC #2 Big Beaver 4:00  
8/28/17 Eastern, Green, ND,
Valley, & S Webster
Elks CC 4:00 Result
8/29/17 Wellston Franklin VGC 4:00  
8/30/17 Portsmouth & St. Joe Shawnee GC 4:00  
9/5/17 SOC - Preview #3 Dogwood GC 4:00  
9/6/17 Manchester, N Adams &
St. Joe
Shawnee GC 4:00  
9/7/17 SOC #3 Dogwood GC 4:00  
9/11/17 Green, NW, & Valley Elks CC 4:00  
9/13/17 SOC - Preview #4 Elks CC 4:00  
9/14/17 SOC #4 Elks CC 4:00  
9/18/17 SOC - Preview #5 Shawnee GC 4:00  
9/20/17 SOC #5 Shawnee GC 4:00 Team finished 3rd
C Cline - 6th
9/21/17 Portsmouth Elks CC 4:00  
9/27/17 Sectional Tournament Shawnee GC 8:00 C Cline advances
10/2/17 District Tournament Elks CC 8:00  


Hunter Armstrong Senior
Caleb Cline Senior
Tyler Hobbs Junior
Chase Hudson Junior
Teddy McCall Senior
Tyler Phillips Junior
Coach - Kyle Keaton  

Team & Individual Awards
Most Improved - Tyler Hobbs
Most Pars - Caleb Cline
Lowest Average - Caleb Cline
Panther Award - Caleb Cline
SOC - First Team - Caleb Cline
District - Honorable Mention - Caleb Cline

Clay Golf Team Captures 2015 SOC I Title

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For the fifteenth time in the last sixteen years, the Clay golf team has captured the SOC Division I golf title.

Team members include Wyatt Large (the only senior); Hunter Armstrong, Caleb Cline, and Teddy McCall (all sophomores); and Hunter Mathias and Tyler Phillips (both freshmen).  The Panthers are coached by Jason VanDeusen.

Portsmouth Daily Times article

Clay HS Golf 2016

Clay HS Golf 2016

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Date Event Location Time Result
8/11/16 Portsmouth Invitational  Elks CC 9:00am  
8/15/16 SOC Preview Little Scioto 10:00am  
8/17/16 SOC Match #1 Little Scioto 10:00am  
8/18/16 North Adams Hill Top GC 4:30pm  
8/22/16 SOC Preview Dogwood 4:30pm  
8/24/16 Manchester
Manchester & North Adams
Shawnee GC 4:30pm  
8/25/16 SOC Match #2 Dogwood 4:30pm Results
8/29/16 SOC Preview  Big Beaver 4:30pm Results
8/31/16 SOC Match #3 Big Beaver 4:30pm  
9/01/16 Portsmouth Elks CC 4:30pm  
9/06016 SOC Preview Elks CC 4:30pm Results
9/07/16 Minford
Minford, Valley, & West
Shawnee GC 4:30pm  
9/08/16 SOC Match #4 Elks CC 4:30pm  
9/13/16 SOC Preview Shawnee GC 4:30pm Results
9/14/16 Portsmouth Shawnee GC 4:30pm Results
9/15/16 SOC Match #5 Shawnee GC 4:30pm Final SOC
9/21/16 Ironton, ND, Green Shawnee GC


9/28/16 Sectional Tournament Shawnee GC 8:00am Results


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2015 CHS Golf

Read more: 2015 CHS Golf

CHS Golf Schedule, Roster, and Information


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