2005-2006 National Honor Society

Clay Inducts New National Honor Society Members


Clay Junior-Senior High School held its National Honor Society Induction on Wednesday, October 19, 2005, in the high school gymnasium. The students inducted into Clay’s National Honor Society were Aaron Bihl, son of David and Debbie Bihl of Eden Park, Hayley Castle, daughter of Kevin and Lori Castle of Rosemount, Cameron Donini, daughter of Jill and Jeff Donini and step-daughter of John Adkins of Minford, Allison Dunn, daughter of Debbie Dunn of Rosemount, Lauren Elliott, daughter of Dean Elliott of Portsmouth, Bethany Hess, daughter of Chuck and Desirre Hess of Rubyville, Stephen Pelfrey, son of Mark and Kim Pelfrey of Rosemount, Tara Schuler, daughter of Terry and Rita Schuler of Rosemount, and Ashley Speas, daughter of Betty and Wayne Speas of Minford. Current members include Kim Albrecht, Lauren Burns, and Michael Thacker.

The speaker for the afternoon’s ceremony was Mrs. Courtney LeBrun, a 1996 National Honor Society graduate of Clay High School. Mrs. LeBrun completed her undergraduate work at Shawnee State University in 2000 and is employed as a junior high language arts teacher in the Clay Local School District. Mrs. LeBrun is the daughter of Bob and Denise Patterson of Rubyville. The advisor for the Clay National Honor Society is Mrs. Janet Deal. The Clay National Honor Society Chapter is sponsored by the New Boston Kiwanis.

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