CRSS - Clay Resource Scheduling System

Book Computer Labs or Chromebook Carts


Book ELM Lab 106
Book HS Lab 221
Book MS Lab 220
Book Chromebook Cart A - Pref to Rose, Jackson, G Cayton
Book Chromebook Cart B - Pref to Myerly, Fons, Everman, and Robinson
Book Chromebook Cart C - Pref to S Cayton, Sutton, Haskins, Mays, Betten, Colley
Book Chromebook Cart D - Pref to Hempill and Strickland (coming soon)
Book Chromebook Cart E - Pref to Tipton and White (coming soon)
Book Chromebook Cart F - Pref to Zuefle and Shepherd (coming soon)

To delete a Booked Lab or Chromebook Cart Period

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