Athletes and participants MUST fill out this self-monitoring form before participating in any athletic activity.



Due to the COVID-19 guidelines, attendance at athletic events will be severely limited.  Admission to events will be limited to VOUCHER/TICKET HOLDERS ONLY.  Players/families will be issued a set number of vouchers/tickets, depending on the facility and whether at home or away.  Those individuals having vouchers/tickets will be the ONLY ones permitted to attend the event. 

You MUST have a voucher/ticket to enter contests. NO PASSES will be honored. Admission for HS games will be $5.  Admission to JrH games will be $4.  We will not charge students/younger children; however, ALL spectators entering the event will need a voucher/ticket to attend.  We plan to livestream the HS games: PNN It will be located under the PNN link on the school website.

If you are able to attend, please follow the COVID protocols:

  • Masks required;

  • Social distancing required (families should sit together);

  • Self-check yourself before coming to the event;

  • If feeling ill or you have any symptoms, please refrain from attending the event;

  • Do not sit in the areas marked with BLUE tape (HS gym) or YELLOW tape (JrH gym);

  • Avoid interacting with athletes, coaches, and contest personnel before, during, or after the event;

  • Avoid lingering before or after the event (fans will be asked to leave the gym immediately after the conclusion of the event); and

  • Practice good hygiene (wash hands often) & refrain from touching your face.

Thanks for your cooperation! With your help, the student-athletes will be able to have their season.

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award
Gage Keller & Jaelyn Warnock

OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award
Caden Cline & Jaelyn Warnock

OHSAA Courageous Student Award
Caden Cline & Gage Keller

OHSAA Junior High Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award
Even Balestra & Kaidyn Fannin

NFHS Sportsmanship Award
Dakota Dodds & Jaelynn Warnock

NFHS Junior High Sportsmanship Award
Evan Balestra

NIAAA Three-Sport Athlete
Seniors - Caden Cline, Dakota Dodds, Reece Whitley
Juniors - Clay Cottle, Jaden Jessee, MeKenzie Loper, Shaley Munion, Tabby Whitt, Evan Woods
Sophomores - Gavin Cayton, Morgan McCoy, Liam Garrison, Landon Thomas
Freshmen - Ava Cobern, Bobby Deal, Kate Smith, 

NIAAA Multi-Sport Athlete
Seniors - Caleb McNutt, Gage Moore, Alyssa Piccolo, Bryce Toomire, Jaelyn Warnock 
Juniors - Megan Bazler, Corvan Clark, Kat Cochran, Cole Carter, Dylan Collett, McKayla Colley, Ethan Jones, Shaden Malone, Noah Wright
Sophomores - Adrianna Deal, Mitchell King, Preslee Lutz, Jordyn Mathias, Hunter McNutt, Hayden Moore, Kyleigh Oliver, Nate Penn, Carson Porginski, Mallory Swords, Kailey Ware 
Freshmen - Alex Lands, Abbey Scott, Maggie Swayne

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