Congratulations to Clay High School senior Abigail Scott.  She was recognized as Clay High School's 2022 Heisman High School Scholarship recipient for her outstanding achievements in academics, athletics, and community service.

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award
Liam Garrison & Preslee Lutz

OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award
Gavin Cayton & Kailey Ware

OHSAA Courageous Student Award
Bri Bennett

OHSAA Exemplary Service Award
Matt Kuehne

NFHS Award of Excellence
Mitchell King & Kyleigh Oliver

NFHS Junior High Award of Excellence
Sophia Craft & Abigail Miller

NIAAA Three-Season HS Athlete
Seniors - Gavin Cayton, Bobby Deal, & Kyleigh Oliver
Juniors - Morgan McCoy
Sophomores - Evan Balestra, Brandon Malone, & Cullen Payne
Freshmen - Sarah Cassidy, Lynsey Loop, Malachi Loper, & Isaiah Whitt

NIAAA Multi-Sport/Scholar (A-B) HS Athlete
Seniors Gavin Cayton, Mitchell King, Liam Garrison, Kyleigh Oliver, Nathan Penn, & Kailey Ware
Juniors - Amadea Everman, Kate Fife, Alex Lands, & Mallory Swords
Sophomores - Evan Balestra, Austin Knauff, Delaney Staker, & Eric Wang
Freshmen - McKenzie Bailey, Sarah Cassidy, Tori Covert, Laney Fife, Tristan Large, Malachi Loper, & Isaiah Whitt

National Honor Society members who also participated in athletics during the 2021-22 school year: Owen Atkins-Plumlee, Gavin Cayton, Amadea Everman, Mitchell King, Preslee Lutz, Kyliegh Oliver, Mallory Swords, & Kailey Ware


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