Students Selected for County Honors Band, 2018

The following Clay students were selected for the 2018 Scioto County Honors Band:
Junior High
Cavin Cayton (He also earned 1st chair honors)
Justess Henry

High School
Trinity Ketchell
Ian Grimm
Kyle Richardson


Three Clay MS Selected for OSU Honors Band

The 2018 Ohio State Middle School Honor Band Festival received nearly 900 individual nominations from across three states. The 385 students selected for participation represent every one of the 135 middle schools that submitted nominations. We are delighted to bring student musicians from so many schools together in the spirit of music and learning.
Those selected to represent Clay MS are Gavin Cayton, Justess Henry, and Darian Carter
The festival will be held on February 17, 2018.
Established in 2012, the Ohio State Middle School Honor Band Festival annually provides the opportunity for outstanding musicians in seventh and eighth grades to be nominated by their band directors for involvement in the one-day event. Students who are selected take part in one of four 90-piece concert bands—two 7th Grade Honor Bands and two 8th Grade Honor Bands. Each honor band rehearses and performs with the festival guest composer as well as their dedicated conductor. 

Congrats, Clay Band Students!

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Congratulations to the members of the Clay Band who were selected for the Scioto County Honors Band.

Alex Musser, Madison Nigh, Savannah Moore, Katie Marsh, Grant Hempill, Garrett Stone, Levi Nelson, Jimmy Madden, and Ian Grimm were selected from the high school.  Trinity Ketchell, Ethan Sanford, and Christopher Dean were selected from the junior high.  Miss Maggard is the Clay band director. 

Clay Students Selected for Scioto County Honors Band, 2017

Congratulations to the following students for being selected to the 2017 Sciot County Honors Band:

Junior High: Zoe Shultz, Cassidy Damron, James Marsh, and Christopher Dean

High School: Maddie Nigh, Trinity Ketchell, Grant Hempill, and Garrett Stone

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Marshall Chamber Choir Visits Clay High School

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The Marshall University Chamber Choir visited Clay High School on Thursday, March 12, 2015.  

The group performed selections from a wide range of composers and languages. The composers included Mozart and Brahms and the languages included English to Latin to German.  Even musical rendentions of Walt Witman's poetry and a jazz saxophone solo was perfomanced.

The visit was arranged by Clay's music teacher, Mr. Wiget.  The Choir performed at All Saints' Church on Thursday evening as well.  

Portmsouth Daily Times article.

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