Clay High School Homecoming 2021-2022

The 2022 Clay High School Homecoming was held on Friday, January 14, 2022, before the varsity boys' basketball game.

The 2002 Clay High School Homecoming Queen and Her Court:

Clay HS Homecoming Queen
Kailey Ware
Senior Attendant
Briana Bennett
Senior VOTEC Attendant
Adrianna McCoy
Junior Attendant
Katelyn Smith
Junior VOTEC Attendant
Morgan McCoy
Sophomore Attendant
Cassidy Bazler
Freshmen Attendant
Laney Fife

Clay Homecoming 2019-20

Jaelyn Warnock, Clay HS Homecoming Queen, and Her Court.



Tuesday: Twin Day
Wednesday: Meme Day
Thursday: Flashback
Friday: Spirit Day

The Homecoming game is scheduled for Friday, January 24, 2020, with Western.  The ceremony will occur between the JV and varsity games.

Clay HS Homecoming 2018

Clay High School Homecoming
Friday, February 2, 2018






Photo Album

Freshman Attendant - Ashleigh Young. Ashleigh is the daughter of Don and Laura Winters. She was escorted by Hunter Mathias, son of Matt and Kristy Mathias.

Sophomore Attendant - Ashley Hurt. Ashley is the daughter of Brandon and Donna Hurt. She was escorted by Chase Hudson, son of Bobby and Neila Hunt.

Junior Vocational Attendant - LaCyra Craig. LaCyra is the daughter of Jeff and LaCosta Craig. She was escorted by Jared Conkel, son of Joe Conkel and Kelli Riffe.

Junior Attendant - Delanie Gilliland.  Delanie is the daughter of Craig and Melanie Gilliland. She was escorted by Mason Newton, son of Chris Newton and Mindy Keaton.

Senior Attendant - Katie Hoover.  Katie is the daughter of Robert and Angela Hoover. She was escorted by Brandon Williams, son of Dawn Skaggs.  

Senior Attendant - Hunnter Adams.  Hunter is the daughter of John and Lori Adams. She was escorted by Teddy McCall, son of Traci Warnock.

Flower Girl - Maya Betten.  Maya is the daughter of Adam and Sarah Betten.

Crown Bearer - Noah Bryan.  Noah is the son of Thomas and Nicole Bryan.

Homecoming Queen - Bethany Flannery.  Bethany is the daughter of Eric and Tammy Flannery. She was escorted by Jacob Wellman, son of Dave and Tami Wellman, and Caleb Cline, son of Matt and Rhonda Cline.

Clay Homecoming 2018-2019

Clay High School Homecoming 
Friday, January 25, 2019

Queen Lila Brown & Her Court

Freshman Attendant - Kailey Ware. Kailey is the daughter of Tracie and Matt Lewis. She was escorted by Shaden Malone, son of Brandy and John Malone.

Sophomore Attendant - Emily Clausing. Emily is the daughter of Ryan and April Clausing. She was escorted by Evan Woods, grandson of Tammy Woods and Kenneth Bowling.

Junior Vocational Attendant - London Hall. London is the daughter of Shontel Shaffer and Robert Hall. She was escorted by her brother, Aspen Hall.

Junior Attendant - Hannah Phipps. Hannah is the daughter of Steve and Kendall Phipps. She was escorted by Chase Hudson, son of Bobby and Neila Hunt.

Senior Vocational Attendant - Alexis LeAnn Martin. Alexis is the daughter of Carl Martin and Ronda Collier. She was escorted by Mason Newton, son of Mindy Keaton and Chris Newton.

Senior Attendant - Abigail Ware. Abbey is the daughter of Tracie and Matt Lewis. She was escorted by Tyler Hobbs, son of Richard Hobbs and Misty Pauley.

Flower Girl - Elly Rider. Elly is the daughter of Nathan and Jennifer Rider

Crown Bearer - Luke McClary. Luke is the son of Dale and Tara McClary

Homecoming Queen - Lila Mackenna Brown. Lila is the daughter of Erica and Jason Willis and Eric Brown. She was escorted by Recce Whitley, son of Jeff and Toni Whitley, and Hunter Mathias, son of Kristy Mathias and Matt Mathias

Clay HS Homecoming 2016-17

The Clay High School Homecoming for 2016-2017 was held Friday, January 13, 2017.  The festivities took place between the Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball games.  The Clay Panthers hosted the Western Indians.

Allyson Nicole Freeman, daughter of Matt and Donna Freeman, served as the Queen.  Ally was escorted by senior, Nate Hinze, son of Carol Conley and Todd Hinze, and senior, Cole Gilliland, son of Craig and Melanie Gilliland.  Ally, Nate, and Cole walked to “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain.

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