Clay HS Homecoming 2016-17

The Clay High School Homecoming for 2016-2017 was held Friday, January 13, 2017.  The festivities took place between the Junior Varsity and Varsity basketball games.  The Clay Panthers hosted the Western Indians.


Allyson Nicole Freeman, daughter of Matt and Donna Freeman, served as the Queen.  Ally was escorted by senior, Nate Hinze, son of Carol Conley and Todd Hinze, and senior, Cole Gilliland, son of Craig and Melanie Gilliland.  Ally, Nate, and Cole walked to “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain.

Miss Jaelyn Warnock, daughter of Todd and Julie Warnock, served as the Freshman Attendant.  She was escorted by senior, Brody Riffe, son of Annie Goodday and Gary Riffe.

Miss Skylar Artis, daughter of Scott and Missy Artis, served as the Sophomore Attendant.  She was escorted by sophomore, Hunter Mathias, son of Matt Mathias and Kristy Mathias. 

Miss Nicole Engle, daughter of Tim and Tammy Engle, served as the Junior Vocational Attendant.  She was escorted by junior, Teddy McCall, son of James and Traci Warnock. 

Miss Sydney Osborn, daughter of Brent and Kathy Osborn, served as the Junior Attendant.  She was escorted by junior Jacob Wellman, son of Dave and Tami Wellman.

Miss Kayla Traylor, daughter of Orville Traylor and Jennifer Hale, served as the Senior Vocational Attendant.  She was escorted by junior, Caleb Cline, son of Matt and Rhonda Cline. 

Miss Akyah Downey, daughter of D.J. and Leanna Downey, served as the Senior Attendant.  She was escorted by senior, Taylor Pack, son of James Pack and Candy Schmidt. 

Miss Kennedy Foley, daughter of Jim Foley and Dari Cummings, served as the flower girl.

Master Colton Fannin, son of Jeff and Amanda Fannin, served as the crown bearer. 

Miss Ella Runyan, daughter of Laci Fannin and Brad Runyan, served as the flower girl.

Master Brody Holsinger, son of Nathan and Megan Holsinger, served as the crown bearer.

The Clay High School Cheerleaders sponsored a Homecoming dance following the games.

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