Clay Student Council, 2022-23



President–Aiden Young

Vice President–Sophia Craft

Secretary–Callie Schackart

Representative–Cayden Mckenzie and Isla Killian


President–Macyn Johnson

Vice President–Tristan Large

Secretary–Blaine Lunsford

Representative–Sarah Cassidy


President–Delaney James

Vice President–Abby Clausing

Secretary–Mallory Cassidy

Representative–Olivia Howard


President–Mallory Swords

Vice President–Alex Lands

Secretary–Angel Stump

Representative–Amadea Everman

Student Body

President–Adrienne Whitley

Vice President–Abbey Scott


CHS Student Council, 2021-22

Clay High School
Student Council Officers

McKenzie Bailey - Class Representative
Sarah Cassidy - Class Secretary/Treasurer
Macyn Johnson - Class President
Tristan Large - Class Representative
Blaine Lunsford - Class Representative

Delaney Bowen - Class President
Abby Clausing - Class Representative
Jessyka Davis - Class Representative
Megan King - Class Secretary/Treasurer
Marissa Mogan - Class Representative
Marshall Thornton - Class Representative

Amadea Everman - Class Representative
Abbey Scott - Class Representative
Angel Stump - Class Representative
Mallory Swords - Class President
Adrienne Whitley - Class Secretary/Treasurer

Owen Atkins-Plumlee - Class Representative
Gavin Cayton - Class President
Austin Smith - Class Vice-President
Kailey Ware - Class Secretary/Treasurer

Student Council Leaders
Bri Bennett - Council Secretary
Preslee Lutz - Council Treasurer
Jordyn Mathias - Council Vice-President
Kyleigh Oliver - Council President

Advisor - Mrs. Willis


Clay Student Council Talent Show 2019

The Clay Student Council conducted its annual talent show on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 26, 2019.






The winners were Mallory Swords (First Place), Corvan Clark (Second Place), Abi Miller & Angel Stump (Third Place-tie), and Cassidy Bazler (Fan Favorite).

Thanks to all those who attended and especially to all those who performed.

Clay Student Council, 2020-21

Student Council
Class Officers
2020 – 2021
President – Evan Balestra
Class Rep – Abby Clausing
Class Rep – Megan King
Class Rep – Marshall Thornton
President – Mallory Swords
Class Secretary/Treasurer – Adrienne Whitley
Class Rep – Marilyn Colley
Class Rep – Amadea Everman
Class Rep – Abigail Scott
Class Rep – Angel Stump
President – Gavin Cayton
Class Secretary/Treasurer – Kyleigh Oliver
Class Rep – Liam Garrison
Class Rep – Austin Smith
President – Emily Clausing
Vice-President – Clay Cottle
Class Rep – Olivia Leightenheimer
Student Council President – Andrew Brown

2019-20 Student Council





Student Council Members

Student Council Officers
President - Jaelyn Warnock
Vice President - Gage Keller
Secretary/Treasurer - Reece Whitley

Freshman Class Officers
President - Mallory Swords
Vice President - Marilyn Colley
Class Representative - Angel Stump
Secretary - Ava Coburn
Treasurer - Amadea Everman

Sophomore Class Officers
President - Gavin Cayton
Class Representative - Austin Smith
Secretary/Treasurer - Liam Garrison

Junior Class Officers
President - Andy Brown
Class Representative - Emily Clausing
Secretary/Treasurer - Evan Woods

Senior Class Officers
President - Hannah Phipps
Vice President - Caden Cline

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