Bags of Hope - Students/Community Donate for the Holidays

Bags of Hope.  Thirty families were helped by the generosity!







The Clay students and community brought in 1,200 (plus) items of food and $127.28.  The staff and outside participants brought in an additional $700.00. The fifth grade was our winner for the elementary (bringing in 309 food items) and the twelfth grade was our winner for the high school (bringing in 125 items).  The fifth grade also brought in the most money ($38.79).  Both the 5th and 12th grades will be rewarded with a party after the break! 

Sonora's restaurant donated all the hams for the bags.  Please make sure you thank them and support their business!

We were able to help 30 families. This exceeds the number we have done in the past by five.  Plus, with the help of some of the staff, a child in the district was given some Christmas presents.

The Clay Student Council counted, sorted, organized, and helped load everything. The Clay Key Club (Mrs. Everman and Mrs. Armes) collected winter items. Each family's box had gloves and hats added.  Thanks also go out to Lori Scott, Lisa Phillips, Erica Willis, Nannette Haney, and ALL those who help each year!  Portsmouth Daily Times article.



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