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This article provides students and parents with some basic links and information.  For more specific information, please contact the Clay Guidance Department.



This 1-page guide summarizes everything the student needs for financial aid.  The map references information about the student aid process, student aid options, student charts and information about scholarships, student loans, and managing student money.

Support Help: Use Our Student Financial Aid Booklet
Your office or PTA group may be sponsoring a financial aid seminar for students and parents.  We have assembled a section of topics that you can use as handouts and review papers.  This booklet can save you time from collecting and assembling similar information.  You can download these handouts FREE without obligation.           

Financial Aid Checklist:  summary points on what's needed to secure maximum financial aid         
Financial Aid Steps:  summarizes the financial aid process         
Financial Aid Charts:  summary of financial aid options for students and parents         
Managing Student Funds:  guide to managing student funds while in school

PDF booklet:


Ohio Colleges


FAfSA on the Web

Scholarships 101

Scholarship Resource Network Express

Student Aid on the Web


Colleges & Universities

Ohio Board of Regents - College Access Information Hotline 1-877-I ATTAIN (1.877.428.8246)


Military Career Guide

Occupational Outlook Handbook

OCIS:  Ohio Career Information System

O*Net Online

The College Information Hotline
Works with students, parents, school counselors and the general public on gaining vital information about alternative aid resources
Provides professional advice regsrding the financial aid process and its procedures
Acta as a resource to families seeking higher education information by providing local, state, and federal resources
Presents callers with information on preperation for college, articulation and tranfers, as well as general facts about enrollment at colleges and universities throughout Ohio
Informs students of eligibility requirements for the OIG grant and other state grants and scholarships provided by the Ohio Board of Regents
Advises student on how to maintain their eligibility status for financial aid
Provides grant and scholarship deadline information for the Ohio Board of Regents
Supplies financial aid administration contact information for colleges and universities in the Stat of Ohio
Refers inquires to colleges and universities

To talk with an Information Specialist
Call  1-877-I-ATTAIN (468-8246)
Mon. - Fri. 10am-6pm

Additional information

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