Life Point Church & Scioto Shoe Mart Donate to CES

Life Point Church in cooperation with Scioto Shoe Mart donated thirty (30) pairs of shoes for members of Steven's Power Pack Club on January 30, 2017, at Clay Elementary. Clay Elementary School thanks both organizations for their generosity.

Clay ES Honor Roll Assembly

Clay Elementary held its second nine weeks' honor roll assembly on January 26, 2017.  Students in grades K-1 were honored for Excellent Achievement, Outstanding Achievement, and Honorable Achievement.  Students in grades 2-5 were honored for All-As, A average, B average, Caught Being Good, Good Discipline, and Super Improvers.

Steven's Power Pack Program

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Mark and Virgie Hunter, founders of the Steven's Power Pack Program, purchased blankets and candy bars for our thirty elementary students who participate in the program on Friday, December 16, 2016.  Mark and Virgie purchased over 800 blankets and candy bars for Steven's Power Pack participants all over Scioto County.  Mark Hunter is a Clay alumnus.

Clay ES Spelling Bee 2016-17

The Clay Elementary Spelling Bee was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.  Contestants from 4th and 5th grade were Kenny Fowler, Marcus Lunsford, Macyn Johnson, Mikayla Conley, Megan King, Nicki Fyffe, Nickolai Lagandaon, and Alayna Fife.  

Read more: Clay ES Spelling Bee 2016-17The CES Runner-up was Nickolai Lagandaon.  The winner was Nicki Fyffe. 

Thanks to Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Smith for judging the Spelling Bee and to Mr. Williams for coordinating and pronouncing words for the spelling bee.

Read more: Clay ES Spelling Bee 2016-17

Congratulations, Mrs. Strickland

Read more: Congratulations, Mrs. Strickland

Congratulations to Mrs. Strickland, CES third grade, for winning “Teacher of the Month” for November 2016 from "The Pulse" 98.3 FM radio station. 

In order to win the "Teacher of the Month" award, students, parents, and/or others go to the radio's web page and vote. The teacher with the most entries for the month wins the award.

She was given this recognition of achievement on December 8 by Chris Smith from "The Pulse."

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