2012-13 Clay Elementary Spelling Bee

Read more: 2012-13 Clay Elementary Spelling Bee
The Clay Elementary Spelling Bee was held on Thursday, 17, 2013, in the junior high school gymnsium.

Read more: 2012-13 Clay Elementary Spelling Bee

CES Fundraising Project - 2012

Elementary Fundraising Project



Clay Elementary had its fundraising project this fall and raised $7247.25.  The elementary school uses this money for field trips, accelerated reader (AR), awards, programs, movie day, crafts, etc. throughout the school year.  Congratulations to all who participated and earned rewards for their efforts. 


Some special rewards were


  • Top seller:  $100 Wal-Mart gift card.  That person was Mikayla Conley, kindergartener in Mrs. Bailey’s class.
  • Any student that sold 20 or more items would receive a Limousine ride and have a pizza lunch.  We had 16 students sell more than 20 items. 
  • If a student sold 30 or more items, they would get to ask a friend to ride in the Limo and  have lunch with them.  We had 6 students sell 30 or more items and got to ask a friend.
  • If a student sold 10 items, he would be eligible for the pig race (battery powered pigs).  We had 38 students participate in the pig race.  The overall pig race winner was Kyleigh Oliver. She won a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. 

Clay Elementary Book Fair

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The whole school is excited about our upcoming Book Fair. An amazing selection of books is headed our way!

At the Book Fair you will find the latest and finest titles for kids, as well as books of interest to parents.
Mark your calendar for our Family Event where the whole family can join in the fun. And, you can contribute books to your child's classroom library. The Book Fair is a great way to get everyone excited about reading.

Here's a brief video that highlights the big dreams that can be realized through family reading:

See you at the Book Fair!

2007 Elementary Christmas Programs

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Rosemount Primary and Rubyvill Elementary held their annual Christmas program on December 16, 2007. The play was created by Amanda Knight, Rosemount Music and 6th Grade Band Directer, and Amanda Sherman, Rubyville Music Directer.

From the sixth grade band, the clarinet players were Katie Redding and Shawna Terry. The flute players were Mary Shelby and Haley Ferguson. The saxophone players were Michael Schimidt, Alex Napper, and Maggie Halcomb. The percussion players were Britton Aldridge, Dennis Conkel, and Joey Brown. The trumpet players were Ethan Nelson and Sydney Carter. These students were playing "Up on the Housetop."

Rosemount Primary told the story "Melton the Warm Hearted Snowman."  Their story began when Mama and Papa Snowman were celebrating the arrival of their new son.  However, the doctor had some bad news for Mama and Papa Snowman.  Their son was born with a warm heart.  A warm-hearted snowman is the world's saddest thing.  And so, Mama and Papa name their new son Melton.  After all, it's expected he'll melt by spring with a warm heart.  Who will have the solution to saving Melton?

The Rubyville Elementary told the story of "A Holiday to Remember."  Gather 'round the holidays are here!  The students asked the audience to join them as they took the crowd on a musical adventure and explore what makes the Christmas season so special.  They hoped the audience left with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

 Read more: 2007 Elementary Christmas ProgramsA special thank you goes out to all the Clay faculty and administration for ensuring that our Christmas program is both supported and successful.  Also, thank you to Tiifany Moore and Jill and Jerry Knight for helping with props and Terri Boldman, Alan Leightenheimer, and Carl Keller for stage set up.

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