2009-2010 Elementary Limo Rides for Sales

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Rosemount Primary and Rubyville Elementary recently concluded its annual sales project.  The student who sold the most items in each homeroom won a limousine ride.  The top sellers from Rosemount were Preslee Lutz, Hailey Arnett, Kayla Fithen, Noah Wright, Noah Downs, and Austin Loper, Alex Kimbler, and Jared Conkel.  Mrs. Rider's homeroom raised the most money.  The top sellers from Rubyville were Jacob Wellman, Hunnter Adams, Abbey Halcomb, Drew Gearheart, Wyatt Large, and Travis Kelley.  Mrs. Zuefle's homeroom raised the most money.  Thanks to all who helped the sales' project.

Source:  Mr. Piguet
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