What does it mean to be Clay Panthers?

“What does it mean to be Clay Panthers?” 

This question was presented to students in the Clay Local School District before the break.  Each grade was given one of the letters from “Clay Panthers” and asked to select a word that answered the question.  We are proud to present what our students have developed along with the grade level that provided the excellent word.

C – Caring (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
L – Leaders (2nd grade)
A – Ambitious (3rd grade)
Y – Youthful (4th grade)

P – Positive (5th grade)
A – Accepting (6th grade)
N – Noble (7th grade)
T – Tenacious (8th grade)
H – Honorable (9th grade)
E – Empowered (10th grade)
R – Resilient (11th grade)
S – Selfless (12th grade)

Each week, all of our students will focus on the weekly word and try to fulfill “What it means to be Clay Panthers.”

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