Penny Battle Helps Houston






Many schools in the Houston, Texas, area were flooded and sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey. Many teachers in the area had poured a great deal of effort into making their classrooms a safe learning environment for their students, and now many have lost everything. Some schools were extensively flooded and will likely attend makeshift classrooms until their schools can be reopened. While returning to school is far from these teachers’ and students’ minds, we knew that they would need school supplies, clothes, and other necessities when they are able to return to their classrooms/schools.

The Clay Local School District through a program with Teachers Pay Teachers adopted a school in Houston, Texas, to assist with their recovery efforts. The students/staff at Clay Elementary & Clay Junior-Senior High School enjoyed a week-long "Penny Battle” to raise money for Amazon gift cards that would be sent to Liberty Elementary in the Houston area. Once the penny battle had ended and the buckets of pennies had been counted, the students/staff in the Clay Local School District raised over $2,000.00.

Mrs. Robinson's room (third grade) won the elementary battle while the CHS seniors won the high school battle.

Thank you, students, staff, and the Clay community for your efforts and generous donations. You should be proud of yourselves for helping those in need.



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