Bill Warnock Retires from Clay Board of Education

Wednesday, December 18, 2019, was the last Clay Local School District Board of Education meeting as a board member for Mr. Bill Warnock. He sat for his first board meeting in 1992. He was elected to seven terms by the voters and served the Clay community for 28 years.

He was on the board during the tenure of three different superintendents (Adams, Mantell, and Warnock). He commented that his saddest moment as a board member was probably when the bond issue to initially build new schools went down to defeat. Yet, he believes that happened for a reason and was in the long run better for the district.  Consequently, the proudest moment as a member was when the bond issue did eventually pass allowing Clay to build its new PK-12 building (opening the doors in 2011). He went on to say while there were some tough times, especially at the beginning, he has been privileged and proud to serve the Clay community as one of its board of education members--helping the students and staff members be successful.

Thanks for your dedication and service to the Clay school community!

He will be replaced by Nathan Rider, who was elected to the Board in November, at the January 8, 2020, board of education meeting. The Clay Board of Education members will include Alan Boyer, Donnie Caseman, Craig Gilliland, Brian Hicks, and Nathan Rider.



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