Third Graders Publish Poetry 2017

As educators, we know that students who are acknowledged for their accomplishments early in their lives will continue to accomplish their goals in the future. The students in Mrs. Hempill’s third grade reading classes will be sharing their poetry, which will be published in the Young Poets Collection project, “Spring 2017.”  All students submitted a patriotic haiku. 

Congratulations to the following students:

Mrs. Hempill’s class. Jocee Nachtman, Callie Schackart, Emma Boggs, Autumn Taylor, Ethan Taylor, Braiden McGinnis, Damien Conley, Aiden Baldwin, Dreagan Adkins, Jaxon McIntosh, Zane Ball, Abigail Miller, Jaelynn Josey, Amaia Robson, Wade Bailey, Jason Wang, Kelsey Brady, Day’ona Allen, Donavon Galloway, & Caden Martin [Hayden Arnett, not pictured]

Mrs. Strickland’s class. Lacy Wesley, Gracie Galloway, Alexa Deal, Cayden McKenzie, Madelyn Bach, Hannah Blevins, Livia Fyffe, Adeline Eick, Lillian Allen, Trinity Plew, Haleigh Ruggles, Robert Castle, Eli Longmire, Sophia Craft, Laeney Barney, Aiden Ball, Ethan Ruggles, Emma Walker, Wesley Runyon, Trevin Brooks, Isla Killian, & Rayden Lopez

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