2020 Fire Safety Poster Winners



The Rosemount and Rubyville Fire Departments visited Clay Elementary on Oct. 5th and Oct. 7th.  Preschool students were able to see a firefighter in uniform and explore the fire trucks.  Students in grades Kindergarten - 5th grade learned about the theme "Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!" and participated in a fire safety poster drawing contest.  

Kdg. - 2nd Overall Winner - Adelynn Wiget

3rd – 5th Overall Winner – Abigail Daniels

Kindergarten: 1st – Zane Pratt, 2nd – JoJo Daniels, 3rd – Kaylee Oliver, Honorable Mention – Bresyln Parson, Honorable Mention – Anderson Carter

1st Grade:1st – Sadie Bach, 2nd – Kaylen Frantz, 3rd – Ailani Wiget, Honorable Mention – Taylin Cook, Honorable Mention – Paisley Griffith

2nd Grade:1st – Amiyah Craft, 2nd – Alexis Wolfe, 3rd – Landon McCain. Honorable Mention – Sherman Vanhoose, Honorable Mention – Alexis Belcher

3rd Grade:1st - Titan Breech, 2nd - Ryder Hudson, 3rd - Addison France, Honorable Mention - Sawyer Powell, Honorable Mention – Lori Clay

4th Grade:1st – Kelsey Phillips, 2nd – Jasmine Phok, 3rd – Clair Wermuth, Honorable Mention – Mason Churchheus

5th Grade:1st – London Sinclair, 2nd – Evan Rider, 3rd – Charlotte Wallace, Honorable Mention – Cody Price


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