Clay Elementary Spelling Bee

Clay Elemantary held their Spelling Bee on January 26, 2022.  The Champion was Alexis Kennison from 5th Grade and the Runner-up was Luke McClary from 4th Grade.


Third Grade Collects Art Supplies for Orphanage


Each year the third grade participates in  a project called, Hearts Around The World to learn about the states in the USA and countries around the world. The first Valentine for 2021, came from an orphanage in Iraq. The young lady who sent the Valentine made it with what little she had. Her act of kindness inspired the students to collect art supplies for the children who have no supplies. The supplies were sent, and they soon received an appreciative response:

Thanks to you and your class!  The art supplies are in my office, and I will hand carry them to the camp on the 27th.  So I should have pics by the 28th, which I will send via this email.  Thank you so much.  You are all of you so very generous, and the gift will be a huge benefit to kids in a refugee camp.  They have lived there for 6 years now, and it is not an easy life.  But Yazidis, as I am fond of saying, sparkle.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  They are positive, optimistic, and throw themselves into each new day, each new activity.  They could be depressed and morose, but instead they sparkle; with hope and a belief in the future.   Thank you, Brenda, and all your kids!

Ambassador John K Menzies, Ph.D.

Vice President for International Relations

American University of Iraq – Baghdad




Kiwanis of Portsmouth asked our second and third-grade students to participate in the Kiwanis Centennial Coloring Contest. Second and third-grade students colored a coloring sheet, and it was voted on digitally on the Kiwanis of Portsmouth Facebook Page. 1st Place winner was Marcos Perez in second grade, 2nd Place winner was Miller Brickey in second grade, and 3rd Place winner was Addison France in third grade. Thank you, Kiwanis of Portsmouth for allowing Clay Elementary to participate in the coloring contest!

Study Island Blue Ribbons

These students in Mrs. Strickland's 3rd Grade math classes met their 30 Blue Ribbon Challenge. Each student answered 300 plus math problems!

Blessing Boxes

Clay Preschool students filled Blessing Boxes for their Service Project.



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