CES Valentine's Social Studies Project

Mrs. Strickland's third-grade, social studies class recently completed a project--"Hearts Around the World." In fact, the project was opened up for the entire elementary building for participation.

The students received multiple Valentine's from all 50 of the U.S. states as well as numerous countries around the world. Students placed heart stickers on the U.S. map and world map as they received cards to document from what location the cards came. The project exposed students to learn more about the United States and the world at large. People took time to write facts about their state, send photos, postcards, candy, gifts, and personal pictures of themselves with their Valentine. A few schools even sent whole class Valentine's as well. On Valentine's Day, the students received a video message from a Staff  Sargent stationed in Afghanistan.

Daily Times article.

This project exceeded Mrs. Strickland's greatest expectations!

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CES/CMS Receives Shoes

LifePoint Church donated 30 pairs of shoes to Clay Elementary and Middle School students on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Thanks to LifePoint Church for the shoes and Chad Monroe for coordinating this program for our students. Photo Album

Clay Elementary Spelling Bee 2018

Clay Elementary School's Fourth and Fifth Grade Spelling Bee was held on January 10, 2018. 

Fourth grade participants included Sophia Craft, Haleigh Ruggles, Adeline Eick, and Day'ona Allen.  Fifth grade participants were Laney Fife, Nikolai Lagandaon, Mackenzie Hicks, and Makayla Conley. 

The runner up was Nikolai Lagandaon and the winner was Mackenzie Hicks.  Mackenzie will represent Clay Elementary at the County Spelling Bee on March 3, 2018, at the SOMC Friend's Center.


2017-18 CES Honor Roll - Second Nine Weeks

Clay Elementary School 
Honor Roll
Second Nine Weeks

Excellent Achievement
Starr Bailey, Titan Breech, Chloe Fitzer, Connor Fowler, Karley Frantz, Landon Humphrey, Madelyn Loper

Outstanding Achievement
Bailey Bennett, Claire Bradford, Charlie Cooper, Addison France, Izzy Hannan, Keira Hicks, Alexis Knauff, Maddison Lockert, Sawyer Powell, Gabriel Runyon, Ronnie Smoot, TJ Younce

Honorable Achievement
Maya Betten, Ryder Bradshaw, John Brady, Destiny Brown, Nakari Dunn, Macey Gay, Keaton Kelly, Bailee Llewellyn, Luke McClary, Ben Mullett, Jackson Newman, Eden Patel, Elly Rider, Brielle Schackart, Connor Sexton, Bryson Sherrick, JP Warnock

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Steven's Power Packs

Most of you have heard of Power Packs, but do you know why Mark and Virgie Hunter started them and partnered with Cincinnati Food Bank?  Here is a video link to the history of their involvement in the program.  

Thanks to Mark and Virgie for all you do for the students in need of extra food at Clay and the other surrounding schools!
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