Clay Elementary Spelling Bee 2018

Clay Elementary School's Fourth and Fifth Grade Spelling Bee was held on January 10, 2018. 

Fourth grade participants included Sophia Craft, Haleigh Ruggles, Adeline Eick, and Day'ona Allen.  Fifth grade participants were Laney Fife, Nikolai Lagandaon, Mackenzie Hicks, and Makayla Conley. 

The runner up was Nikolai Lagandaon and the winner was Mackenzie Hicks.  Mackenzie will represent Clay Elementary at the County Spelling Bee on March 3, 2018, at the SOMC Friend's Center.


Steven's Power Packs

Most of you have heard of Power Packs, but do you know why Mark and Virgie Hunter started them and partnered with Cincinnati Food Bank?  Here is a video link to the history of their involvement in the program.  

Thanks to Mark and Virgie for all you do for the students in need of extra food at Clay and the other surrounding schools!

Clay Elementary Science Fair 2017

The Clay Elementary 4th and 5th Grade Science Fair was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. 


The majority of the students in those grades had a project for the science fair. 

Congratulations to all the participants and the following award winners:
4th Grade
Honorable Mention - Lucas Dorst, Jocee Nachtman, and Alexa Deal. 
Third Place - Trevin Brooks

Second Place - Caden McKenzie
First Place - Sophia Craft.

5th Grade
Honorable Mention - Alayna Fife, Brianne Hicks, and Olivia Moore.  

Third Place - McKenzie Bailey
Second Place - Malachi Loper
First Place - Macyn Johnson.

Grand Prize Winner - Tate Queen (5th).

Portsmouth Motorycycle Club Makes Donation

Josh Brannan of the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club donated a Christmas dinner on December 14, 2017, to the Stump family.  The dinner includes a complete dinner (a large turkey with fixings and dessert).  The Portsmouth Motorcycle Club is also donating coats for the kids in the family. Clay Elementary and the Stump family appreciate the donation made by the Portsmouth Motorcycle Club.

Clay Elementary Pig Races 2017

Clay Elementary sold almost $30,000 worth of cookie dough this school year. 




Our school keeps a percentage of the money for field trips, AR, supplies, awards, parties, and other school events throughout the school year. Students that sold ten (10) items got to participate in a Pig Race for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Wal-Mart.  Seventy-two (72) students sold at least 10 items and participated. There were nine (9) heat races and each heat race winner raced for the grand prize.

Congratulations to Macyn Johnson for winning the Pig Race!


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