Congratulations, Mrs. Strickland

Congratulations to Mrs. Strickland, CES third grade, for winning “Teacher of the Month” for November 2016 from "The Pulse" 98.3 FM radio station. 

In order to win the "Teacher of the Month" award, students, parents, and/or others go to the radio's web page and vote. The teacher with the most entries for the month wins the award.

She was given this recognition of achievement on December 8 by Chris Smith from "The Pulse."

Clay Elementary Fall Fundraiser - 2016

The Clay Elementary Annual Fall Sales Fundraiser raised approximately $10,000 for our school by selling cookie dough to help buy supplies, awards, and party supplies; promote field trips; support the accelerated reader (AR) program, and allow the students to attend selected movies. 

Students who sold at least ten (10) items participated in the pig races on Dec. 1.  The top seller was Zeth Wentz.  He received a $100 Wal-Mart gift card for his effort. The Pig Race overall winner was Noah Steele. He won a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.        

Students selling twenty (20) or more items earned a limo ride and lunch.  Students selling thirty (30) or more items earned a limo ride, lunch, and could also invite a friend to ride in the limo with them.


CES Fire Prevention Activities


Thanks to the Rosemount Fire Department and Firemen Drew Oliver, Jeff Craig, Kyle McCain, and Hunter Armstrong for the Fire Prevention Poster contest, awards, and obstacle course races held on October 14, 2016, at Clay Elementary.


Clay Elementary Science Fair - 2016

The Clay Elementary Science Fair was held on November 30, 2016, for fourth and fifth-grade students.

Fourth grade Honorable Mention winners were Alayna Fife, Malachi Loper, and Shaelynn Churchheus.  The fourth grade Third Place winner was Gabriel Swords.  The Second Place winner was Rylan Jenkins. The First Place winner was McKenzie Bailey.      

Fifth grade Honorable Mention winners were Makenna Pelphrey, Cole Tipton, and Jaira Roberts.  The fifth grade Third Place winner was Alexandra Wallace, the Second Place winner was Megan King, and the First Place winner was Lilian Richardson.       

The Grand Champion for the Clay Elementary Science Fair was Katelyn Ramey.


Fourth Grade Conducts Mock Election

The fourth grade recently conducted a mock election in conjunction with the OneVote 2016 Mock Election project. The students discussed important topics concerning the nation (e.g. civil rights, environment, gun control, immigration, national defense, terrorism) and voted on their Presidential choices.  Students believed gun control and terrorism were the two leading concerns that faced the nation, and they gave Trump a nod over Clinton and the other candidates in the mock election.

~Photos and story courtesy of Mrs. White & Ms. Tipton

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