Clay Jr-Sr HS Science Fair 2021-2022

Special Recognition Recipients
Zoey Moore - Do Sponges Cut Cost of Oil Spill Cleanup?
Collin Burnside - Can The Way You Breathe Affect Your Mood?
Zach Pyne - PH Indicator

Team Project Winners
3rd Place: Bella Dotson & Alyssa Knauff - What Stains Your Teeth More?
2nd Place: London Sinclair & Evan Rider - Does Practice Make Perfect?
1st Place: Wade Bailey & Cayden McKenzie - How Different Liquids Affect Your Teeth?

Individual Project Winners
4th Place: TIE - Laney Shepherd - Musical Plants & Dalton Shepherd - Which Popcorn Brand Popped the Most?
3rd Place: Madelyn Bach - G-Force
2nd Place: Laikyn Puckett - What Materials Can Alter Wifi Signals?
1st Place: Griffin Gerard - Which Video Game Affects Blood Pressure More?

Grand Champion Project
Audrey Bach & Elin Shaw - Which Toothpast Whitens Best?

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