Celebration: What does it mean to be Clay Panthers?







The junior high and high school students recently held an assembly (Monday, May 16, 2016) centering on “What it means to be Clay Panthers.” This program looks at character words beginning with each letter of “Clay Panthers.”  A weeklong emphasis is placed on each character word with students receiving tickets when selected by a staff member for exhibiting great behavior.  The goal of the program is to encourage positive, character education while acknowledging the great attributes already possessed by the Clay student body.  

The following students were drawn as winners at the recent assembly: Beats – Sami Willis, Beats – Ashtyn Brown, Beats – Grant Cayton, Beats – Buddy Boggs, iPod Nano – Skylar Artis, and iPod Nano – Abbie Osborne.

C – Caring (Kindergarten & 1st grade)
L – Leaders (2nd grade)
A – Ambitious (3rd grade)
Y – Youthful (4th grade)

P – Positive (5th grade)
– Accepting (6th grade)
N – Noble (7th grade)
T – Tenacious (8th grade)
H – Honorable (9th grade)
E – Empowered (10th grade)
R – Resilient (11th grade)
S – Selfless (12th grade)

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