2007 Night of the Arts

On behalf of the Clay High School art and music departments, we would like to thank everyone who made the Night of the Arts a success.  Our students have worked hard this year thanks to your support and encouragement.  We hope you enjoyed the visual and performing arts this evening.

Amanda Sherman (Choir), Amanda Knight (Band), Tiffany Moore (Art), & Mike Schomburg (Industrial Arts)

"Scooby Doo, Where are You?" - Arrangement by Doug Adams
Featuring 7th Grade Band

"Funkytown" - Arr. Mike Story

"Jupiter" (From The Planets) Gutsav Holst (1874-1934) - Arr. Paul Murtha

"Dance of the Wind-Up Toy" -  Mike Cockarell
Featuring Percussion Ensemble

"All Star" - Arr. Nick Baratta
Featuring Clay High School Band

"Smoke on the Water" - Arr. Micheal Sweeney

Band Members
Sonja Neuendorf*, Alysia Pack, Mandi Justice, Alisha Adams, Megan Perkins, & TaylerCarter

Hayley Castle* & Ethan Penix

Kristen McClellan & Holly Hempill

Time Large, Bradley Hempill, Brittany Johnson, Robert Collins, Eric Manninen, & Eli Kelley

Tiffany Miller, Linus Singer, & Cyndy Tayler

Billy Miller, Brittany Miller, Tiffany Wiget, & Jacob Harris

Percussion Ensemble Members:  Marimba - Cyndy Taylor, Xylophone - Megan Perkins, Vibraphone - Robert Collins, Timpani - Holly Hempill, Basss Drum - Tiffany Miller, Concert Tom Tom - Tayler Carter, Temple Block - Jacob Harris, Crash Cymbal - Eli Kelley, & Tamburine - Tiffany Wiget  

Concert Choir
"Let the River Run" - Arr. Jay Althouse

"Fields of Gold" - Arr. Roger Emerson

"Get Happy" - Arr. Mac Huff

Chassidy Adams*, Brittany Bear, Kim Hurd, Laura Belcher, Tori Osborne, Megan Tracey, Autumn Thompson, Beth Johnson, McKenzie Carr, Hannah Conley, Alli Crippen*, Allison Dunn*, Morgan Jackson, Molly McCroskey, Hilary Noel, Taylor Prise, Courtney Wilson, Lauren Dodrill, Talyn Nolen, & Ashley Robinson

Hayley Castle*, Hannah Davis, Mandy Kimbler*, Jessica Nowlin, Natalie Thacker, Kylie Davis, Niccole Chandler, Jessica Jones*, & Alyssa Lemaser*

Jacob Lewis, Zac Boyer, & Woody Rettig

Josh Collins, Nick Ginn, Billy Miller, Ethan Penix, & Shane Keen

* Denotes senior band and choir members

**Information provided by the art and music departments

2007 Scioto County Science Fair

Congratulations to the winners!

Clay High School

Biological Division

First Pllace - Allison Dunn - won a $250 scholarship
Second Place - Molly McCroskey & Talyn Nolen - won $100

Physical Division

First Place - Robert Bauer - received a $250 scholarship
Second Place - Niccole Chandler - won a scientific calculator

Junior High

Teams Division

Third Place - Mariah Malcom & Jennifer Brocato

Governor's Award - Kristen Clark - won $25 cash

Sixth  Grade

First Place  - Payton Lykins - won mountain bike
Secnd Place - Sarah Raies - won $50
Govenor's Enviromental Award - Ben Arnold - won a scientific calculator

Fifth Grade

First Place - Michael Schmidt - won a mountain bike

*Article information submitted by Mrs. Claxon and Mrs. Gahm.  The picture was provided by Mrs. Rose.

2007 Science Fair Winners

2007 Science Fair Winners
Read more: 2007 Science Fair Winners Read more: 2007 Science Fair Winners

Clay High School
Read more: 2007 Science Fair Winners

Teams Projects Category
First Place - Morgan  Garrett and Kyle Pollard
Second Place - Kristen Hines and Stacey Pelfrey
Third Place - Autumn Thompson and Megan Tracey

Biological Category
First Place - Allison Dunn
Second Place - Katie Wheeler

Physical Category
First Place - Robert Bauer
Second Place - Cassie Kight

Niccole Chandler with "Candy Chromatography"

Clay Junior High
Read more: 2007 Science Fair Winners

Team Projects Category
First Place - Jenny Brocato and Mariah Malcom
Second Place - Timothy White and Chase Hiles
Third Place - Amanda Justice and Alysia Jo Pack
Fourth Place - Abby Evans and Megan Perkins

Environmental Category
First Place - Kristen Clark
Second Place - Dustin Irelan
Third Place - Emily Spriggs

Physical Category
First Place - Tayler Carter
Second Place - Jacob Harris
Third Place - Alisha Adams
Fourth Place - Sarah Sexton

Health Category
First Place - Chelsea Beegan
Second Place - Karleigh Murnahan
Third Place - Alexis Walker
Fourth Place - Bethany Coffey

Biological Category
First Place - Katherine Bauer
Second Place - Nina Trankina
Third Place - Holly Hempill
Fourth Place - Jessica Arnold

Jordan Stewart

*Article information was provided by Mrs. Claxon and Mr. Colley

2007 JH Spelling Bee

Congratulations, Bryce!
Read more: 2007 JH Spelling Bee

The 2007 Clay Junior High School Spelling Bee was held Thursday, February 15, 2007, in the Clay High School Library.  The following seventh and eighth grade students participated in the Clay Junior High Spelling Bee:  Katherine Bauer, Sarah Burton, Cody Bussler, Bethany Coffey, Keely Craft, Jacob Harris, Jordan Lewis, Eric Manninen, Miles McCroskey, Rachel Parker, Kelsey Seidel, Emily Spriggs, Jon Valentine, Timothy White, Tiffany Wiget, & Bryce Wright.

Clay’s 2007 Scioto County Spelling Bee Representative is Bryce Wright, eighth grader, son of Daniel & Chasity Wright of Portsmouth.  Bryce will represent Clay Junior High School in the Scioto County Spelling Bee at SOMC Friends Center on Saturday, March 3 at 7:00 P.M.  The alternate for Clay is Sarah Burton, seventh grader, daughter of Lori Wolfe of Portsmouth.

Read more: 2007 JH Spelling Bee
*Article information provided by Mrs. Parkes.


2006 Principal's Leadership Award


Aaron Bihl, a Clay High School Senior, has been named a recipient of a Principal’s Leadership Award Scholarship, co-sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) and Herff Jones, Inc. 

One hundred and fifty national PLA winners will be chosen from among more than 5,400 applications. Each national winner will receive a $1,000 college scholarship.
Participating high school principals from across the country could nominate one senior high student to compete in this year’s program. Winners were selected on the basis of their leadership skills, participation in service organizations and clubs, achievements in the arts and sciences, employment experience, and academic record.  He was selected by Todd Warnock, CHS principal.
“Every year I am incredibly impressed by the caliber of young people nominated for PLA scholarships. Academic excellence paired with a talent for leadership and service is truly an impressive combination,” said Rocco Morano, director of student activities, NASSP. “We are proud to recognize the commitment these young people have shown to their school and community.”
In recognizing leadership in co-curricular activities as well as academic performance, the PLA scholarship recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the school curriculum.
While at Clay, Bihl has been a student-athlete and a student leader.  During his four years, he has played basketball and was a member of the soccer team.  He was named to the District team and was an All-Ohio Academic Team member.  He is also CHS Student Council president and a member of the CHS National Honor Society.  Aaron is the son of Dave and Debbie Bihl of Eden Park.   Aaron's sister, Heather, and brother, Chris, were also very active at Clay--participating in sports and in student activities. Just like Aaron, both were also National Honor Society members.   Heather is a teacher in North Carolina while Chris is a student at Eastern Kentucky University.
NASSP, the preeminent school leadership organization, serves as the national voice for middle level and high school principals, assistant principals, and aspiring school leaders. NASSP promotes intellectual growth, academic achievement, character development, leadership development, and physical well being of youth through its programs and student leadership services. NASSP administers the National Honor Society, the National Junior Honor Society, and the National Association of Student Councils.

Additional information

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