2010 Spelling Bee and Honors Choir

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Congratulations, Spelling Bee Winners!

Scioto County Honor's Choir
The following are the members of the 2010 Scioto County Honor's Choir from Clay:  McKenzie Carr, Kylie Davis, Natalie Thacker, Jessica Nowlin, Holly Hempill, and Zac Boyer.

Rubyville Spelling Bee
The Rubyville Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, February 3, 2010.  The top twelve spellers of the school (three from each grade level) competed.  The contestants spelled words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee “Spell It” list of study words.  A spelling duel ensued between the last two spellers:  Jimmy Madden, a sixth grader, and Broc Bumgardner, a fourth grader.  They spelled through the entire prepared list of words and into a supplemental list of really hard words before Jimmy finally won. 

He will represent Rubyville School in the Scioto County Bee on February 21 at the SOMC Friends' Center.  Broc will be the alternate.  Congratulations to all the spellers, especially to the winner, Jimmy Madden, and the runner-up, Broc Bumgardner.

Clay Jr. High School Spelling Bee
The following seventh and eighth grade students represented their classes in the school spelling bee: 

The seventh graders were Josh Bailey, Matt Benner, Emily Bruskotter, Lexie Gilliland, Isaach Hines, Logan Kincaid, Abbie Riffe, and Chance Walburn.  The eighth graders were Deanna Ferguson, Hayley Ferguson, Larissa Lockwood, Jessica Moore, Katie Redding, Noble Salyers, Michael Schmidt, and Chris Smith.


Clay’s 2010 Scioto County Spelling Bee champion is Katie Redding, an eighth grader, daughter of John and Jane Redding of Portsmouth.  Katie will represent Clay Jr. High School in the Scioto County Spelling Bee at the SOMC Friends' Center on Sunday, February 21, at 2:00PM. The runner-up, who will act as alternate for Clay, is Noble Salyers, an eighth grader, son of Marshall and Debra Salyers of Portsmouth.

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2010 Scioto County Science Fair

Science Fair

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2010 Scioto County Science Fair
The Scioto County Science Fair was held January 22, 2010, at the SOMC's Friends Family Center.  A total of 134 students participated in the science fair.  The students came from the following school districts:  Clay, East, Green, Minford, New Boston, Portsmouth, Valley, and Wheelersburg. 

We would like to congratulate those Clay students who received an award.  Rubyville Elementary was able to send five fifth graders and six sixth graders.  Abbey Halcomb, Taylor Neely, and Levi Nelson were recognized in the top ten projects in 5th and 6th grade.  Abbey Halcomb came with project:  "Who's Mouth is Cleaner, a Human or a Dog?" and Taylor Neely with "What Effect Does Tempeature Have on Popcorn?".  Levi Nelson was recognized as the Runner-Up for grades 5 & 6 with the project, "DSI:  DNA Science Investigation".  He received a $125 Scholarship Award.  Cody Clark was presented with the Farm Bureau Award, which came with a check for $25. 

The Behavioral & Social Sciences category (7-12) was won by Alisha Adams and Katie Gregory, and Lexie Gilliland had the top project in the Physics category (7-12).  Kristin Clark received a $50 Scholarship Award for winning the Shawnee Nature Club Award.  Congratulations again for all your hard work. 

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Pcitures:  Mrs. Zuefle

2009-2010 HOBY Winner

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Congratulations go out to Karleigh Murnahan.  Karleigh, a sophomore at Clay High School, was nominated by the school's staff and selected by the sophomore class as the 2009-2010 Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award winner.  Karleigh will represent Clay High School at the H.O.B.Y. Leadership Conference.  Sophomores from across the state will attend the HOBY Leadership seminar at Denison University in Columbus.  Mariah Malcolm, a finalist, will also attend the conference from Clay.    

HOBY is designed to honor some of America's most outstanding students and further develop their leadership skills. HOBY leadership seminars bring together a select group of high school sophomores to interact with distinguished leaders in business, government, education, and other professions to discuss present and future issues. The goal is to provide them with a stimulating forum for learning about the American incentive system and the democratic process, while broadening their understanding of their leadership potential and quest for self-development.

Karleigh is the daughter of Ted and Mary Murnahan of Portsmouth.  Mariah is the daughter of Tim and Janeen Mynes of Rosemount.

2009 JH Academic Champions

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Clay defeats Wheelersburg, East, and Minford to win championship!
Congratulations to the Clay Junior High Academic Competition Team.  They recently won the local academic competition tournament held at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center.

The team defeated Wheelersburg in Rd 1 (53-38) and East in Rd 4 (51-38) to advance to the championship round.  They defeated Minford 50-47 to win the championship.  The other area teams involved in the tournament included
Valley, New Boston, Notre Dame, and Northwest.

Team members include Madeline Burton, Hailey Hinch, Larissa Lockwood, Ethan Nelson, Katie Redding, Eldin Sarajlic, and Michael Schmidt.  The advisor for the junior high team is Mrs. Parkes.

2009-2010 DAR Awards

Sample Image D.A.R. Good Citizen Award 

Clay High School is proud to announce that Morgan Garrett, son of Ted and Lisa Garrett of Rosemount, is Clay’s recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award.  There were three other students nominated by the high school teachers for this award.  They were Zach Boyer, Natalie Thacker, and Katie Wheeler.  The criteria for selection included dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism.  The senior class, voting by secret ballot, then selected Morgan to receive the award.  Morgan will compete for the overall DAR Award later in the year. 

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