2006 Awards Banquet

The Clay High School Awards Banquet was held on Tuesday, May 16, 2006, in the high school gymnasium at 6:30 PM. 

To begin the evening, Mrs. Moore gave out art awards, Mrs. Claxon along with Cynthia Hamm and Connie Estep recognized science fair winners, Miss Maggard and Mrs. Sherman honored Encore/Choir and band students, Mrs. Parkes recognized her academic teams and library workers, Mrs. Redden gave out yearbook recognition, and Mr. Warnock said thanks to the office/ISS workers.  During the evening the honor roll students and those having exemplary attendance during the year were also honored by Ms. Boldman. 

Lauren Burns - CHS Valedictorian & WSAZ "Best of the Class"

Michael Thacker - CHS Salutatorian

Kalah Haney - Outstanding Vocational Student

Academic Awards
Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award
- Justin Craft
Kodak Yound Leaders Award - Hayley Castle
OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award - Drew Fitch & Katie Duduit
OHSAA Scholar Athletes - Lauren Burns & Michael Thacker
Wendy's High School Heisman Award - Cam Thoroughman & Katie Duduit
U.S. Marine Scholastic Award - Katie Duduit & Cam Thoroughman
Hugh O'Brian Leadership Award - Shane Keen
D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) Award - Ryan Mosley
University of Rochester Humanities/Social Science Award - Tara Schuler

Academic Competition Teams
- Bethany Coffey, Amanda Collins, Jennifer Gookin, Ethan Penix, Kyle Pollard, Brian Summers, & Autumn Thompson
CHS - Shayna Clark, Bethany HEss, Morgan Jackson, Alyssa Lemaster, Kristen McClellan, Casey Stapleton, & Morgan White

Art Awards - Shane Caseman, Daniel Clifford, Kyle Fitzer, Ryan Mosley, Cameron Donini, and Drew Fitch

CHS Perfect Attendance - Robert Bauer, Laura Bussler, Justin Clevenger, Alli Crippen, Allison Dunn, Jodi Huston, Kristen McClellan, & Shawn Ratcliff

CJHS Perfect Attendance - Katherine Bauer, Molly McCroskey, & Nina Trankina

Library Service - Courtney Spriggs (4 years), Zach Nolan, Chad Smith, & Jimmy Whitt

Spelling Bee Winner - Kyle Pollard (8th) 

Outstanding Junior High Students
Eighth:  Natalie Thacker & Morgan Garrett
Seventh:  Katherine Bauer & Tim Large

Scholarships (as of 05/30/06)
Lauren Burns
- Ohio Academic Excellence ($8,820), SSU Academic Excellence ($22,032), Coca-Cola Enterprises ($5,000), JLS Century ($8,000), Avon Foundation ($2,000), & Clay Alumni ($1,000)

Katie Duduit - Presidential Freedom/Marshall Memorial ($1,000), Medical Mutual Insurance ($500), Clay Alumni ($1,000), Clay Employees ($500), & Red Cross ($500)

Danny Frantz - Glockner Community Service ($500) & SSU Freshman ($1,000)

Heather Haffner - Presidential Freedom/USEC ($1,000) & SSU Tuition Waiver ($22,032)

Lesley Hiles - Portsmouth Area Jaycees ($500)

Laci McKinney - SSU Freshman ($500)

Ryan Mosley - SSU Freshman ($500), Spriggs Family ($1,000), Portsmouth Kiwanis ($4,000), & Red Cross ($500)

Drew Oliver - SSU Freshman ($500), Spriggs Family/Scioto County Firefighters ($1,000), Clay Alumni ($1,000), & Red Cross ($500)

Bethany Prise - Mt. Vernon Nazarene Academic Excellence ($12,000), Challenge Grant ($1,550), Opporunity Grant ($3,300), Ohio Choice Grant ($900), & Clay Alumni ($1,000)

Ashley Speas - SSU Freshmen ($500)

Courtney Spriggs - Clay Alumni ($1,000) 

Michael Thacker - SSU Academic Excellence ($22,032)

Cam Thoroughman - WVU Athletic ($140,000)

Rebekah Watson - SSU Freshman ($500) 

Robin Wolfe - SSU Freshman ($500) & McElhaney Honors ($1,500)

Clay graduates have received approximately $262,500 in scholarship money this year.  Over the last five years, Clay graduates have received approximately $1.4 million in scholarship money. 

2006 Science Fair

The Scioto County Science Fair was held on Friday, February 24, 2006, at the SOMC Friends' Center.      


Scioto County Science Fair Winners from Clay

HS Physical 9-12
1st- Robert Bauer
Shake it Here, There, Everywhere
$250 scholarship

HS Biological 9-12
1st - Heath Thomas
Phosphate in our Waters
$250 scholarship

2nd - Aaron Bihl
Does Magnetic Water Affect Plant Growth?
T184 Plus Calculator

7th Grade
Honorable Mention - Chelsea Beegan
Smokin' and Chokin'
$50 Savings Bond

6th Grade
1st - Elijah Kelly
Food to Fuel
Mountain Bike

Governor's Awards
Energy Research
Sarah Sexton
Human Battery
Solar Calculator
Agriculture and Food Science
Kristin Clark
Which Works Best - Chemical or Natural Fertilizer?
Solar Calculator

Special Awards
Pharmacy and Medicine

Elijah Kelly
Food to Fuel
$100 Savings Bond from Gahm's Pharmacy



2006 CHS/JH Science Fair

Jr. High Science Fair Winners 2006
Honorable Mention - Megan Tracey & Autum Thompson
1st Place - Taylen Nolen & Molly McCrosskey
2nd Place -  Niccole Chandler & Cassie Kight
3rd Place - Lianna Trankina & Marrilena Barraza
Honorable Mention - Dustin Irelan
1st Place - Chelsea Beegan
2nd Place - Bethany Coffey
3rd Place - Josh O' Conner
1st Place - Sarah Sexton
2nd Place -Jessica Arnold
3rd Place - Brittany Miller
1st Place - Katherine Bauer
2nd Place - Holly Hempill
3rd Place - Tiffany Wiget
Jr. High Grand Champion:  Morgan Garrett

2009 CHS/JH Spelling Bee

Active Image

The 2009 Clay Junior High School Spelling Bee was held Thursday, February 26, 2009, in the Clay High School Library.

The following seventh and eighth grade students represented their classes in the school bee: 
Seventh graders:  Deanna Ferguson, Madison Freeman, Larissa Lockwood, Destiny Loper, Katie Redding, Noble Salyers, Michael Schmidt, and Chris Smith

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Eighth graders: Chanan Brown, Alison Castle, Kylie Clark, Eric Grimm, Allie Guthman, Matt Haritan, and Payton Lykins

Clay’s 2009 Scioto County Spelling representative is Alison Castle, eighth grader, daughter of Kevin and Lori Castle of Portsmouth. Alison will represent Clay Jr. High School in the Scioto County Spelling Bee at SOMC Friends Center on Saturday, April 11 at 7:00 PM. The alternate for Clay is Payton Lykins, eighth grader, daughter of Cryssie Hafer of Lucasville and Bill Lykins.

2009-2010 WSAZ Awards

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WSAZ's "The Best of the Class 2010"


WSAZ article/video

Besides their academic achievements, both Morgan and Katie have been involved in many other activities at Clay.  Morgan, the son of Ted and Lisa Garrett of Rosemount, has participated in cross country, baseball, and basketball while Katie, the daughter of Darla Wheeler of Portsmouth and Lee Wheeler of Minford, has participated in volleyball and basketball during her four years at Clay.  They were both the school's 2010 Wendy's Heisman representatives.

Article from WSAZ (04/27/2010)
HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Here's a pop quiz for you. What do you get when you take 220 students from 157 schools across three different states?

The Best of the Class 2010.

For the 26th year, WSAZ honored some of the brightest students around. Students like Spring Valley's Ross Evans and Allie Merritt, who are both finalists for the National Merit Scholarship.

Both Evans and Merritt got the chance to tour the Huntington Museum of Art before Monday's ceremonies. Both students say with all the stresses of getting ready for college, the opportunity to look back at their accomplishments is a welcome break.

"It's nice to get rewarded for the hard work," Evans said. "Everyone here has obviously put in a lot of hard work over the last four years and the past 12 to 13 years."

Merritt says a quote from a friend has helped her keep working hard.

"Grind now, shine later," Merritt said. "If you work really hard now, it will pay off later. You think four years is a long time to work hard, but it's really not."

Tyler Fields has his sights set on bigger and better things. The Phelps High School senior is the first in his family to go to college. He says breaking the mold is something he does not take lightly.

"My father and grandfather both worked in the mining industry," Fields said. "I guess it kind of shines a light on my family and myself. Because I'm making a life for myself through my college education."

While all of the students at the Best of the Class have proven their ability to succeed in the classroom, some students like Kara Pollinger show their ability to succeed in athletics as well.

"It's the way my whole life has been," Pollinger said. "I'm used to it. That's the way my parents brought me up -- athletics and academics going hand and hand."

This fall, Pollinger will become a member of the U.S. Navy women's basketball team, and she hopes her hard work will inspire others.

"I know it gets hard, but if its something that you love, don't give up on it just because it's hard," she said.

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