McCleese Honored with Math Award

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Congratulations, Ava McCleese!

Ava McCleese was selected by Clay High School to receive the Honda-OSU Math Medal Award for the Class of 2017.  Her selection was based on academic performance in mathematics through the end of her junior year.  High school seniors in Southwest Ohio have received this award annually since 2008 from the Honda-OSU Partnership.  

The Honda-OSU Partnership is an academic-industry partnership that supports programs in education, research, and public service that positively impact the transportation industry.  Besides the medal, those honored will receive a gift card and have the opportunity to apply for a $3,000 scholarship at OSU College of Engineering.

Ava will receive her award at a ceremony scheduled for Saturday, October 29, at GE Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Other Clay HS recipients include Kyle Pollard (2010), Andrew White (2012), Sierra Weber (2013), Alex Napper (2014), Aaron Phipps (2015), and Danielle Everman (2016).


Cottle, Clay's HOBY Representative

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Congratulations, Keith Cottle.  Keith, a sophomore at Clay High School, was nominated by the school's staff and selected by the sophomore class as the 2015-2016 Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award winner.  Keith represented Clay High School at the H.O.B.Y. Leadership Conference.  Sophomores from across the state attended the HOBY Leadership seminar at Denison University in Columbus.    

HOBY is designed to honor some of America's most outstanding students and further develop their leadership skills. HOBY leadership seminars bring together a select group of high school sophomores to interact with distinguished leaders in business, government, education, and other professions to discuss present and future issues. The goal is to provide them with a stimulating forum for learning about the American incentive system and the democratic process while broadening their understanding of their leadership potential and the quest for self-development.

Keith is the son of Marc and Jennifer Cottle.

Celebration: What does it mean to be Clay Panthers?

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The junior high and high school students recently held an assembly (Monday, May 16, 2016) centering on “What it means to be Clay Panthers.” This program looks at character words beginning with each letter of “Clay Panthers.”  A weeklong emphasis is placed on each character word with students receiving tickets when selected by a staff member for exhibiting great behavior.  The goal of the program is to encourage positive, character education while acknowledging the great attributes already possessed by the Clay student body.  

The following students were drawn as winners at the recent assembly: Beats – Sami Willis, Beats – Ashtyn Brown, Beats – Grant Cayton, Beats – Buddy Boggs, iPod Nano – Skylar Artis, and iPod Nano – Abbie Osborne.

Read more: Celebration: What does it mean to be Clay Panthers?

End of the Year Awards, 2016

Read more: End of the Year Awards, 2016CHS Legacy Scholarship Winners

Read more: End of the Year Awards, 2016

(Row 1 from L to R) Mckenzie Cartee, Shaylee Holbert, Danielle Everman, Mekayla Osborne (Row 2) Abbie Harris, Jimmy Madden, Aaron Keyser, Aidan Hicks, Bailey Hartlage (Row 3) Jessamyn Collier, Katie Marsh, Rachel Cooper, Tressa Carter, Jessika Hall, Madisen Fuller (Row 4) Tyler Knittel, Madison Bower, Savannah Brown, Samra Sarajlic, Olivia Phipps, Gabby Hickman, Levi Nelson (Back Row) Clay Alumni Board Member - Judy Caseman

Clay Legacy Scholarships ($1,000 each) will be given out to twenty-four (24) Clay seniors.  

Read more: End of the Year Awards, 2016Junior High Excellence Awards 

8th Grade Boy - Caleb McNutt
8th Grade Girl - Nicole Piccolo

7th Grade Boy - Andrew Brown
7th Grade Girl - Emily Clausing
6th Grade Boy - Gavin Cayton
6th Grade Girl - Bailey Howard

2015-16 Accelerated Reader Awards

Clay Middle School Top AR Point

Emily Clausing (662.9 pts.)

Clay MS Goal (4 of 4) Drawing winners
Ashley Hurt, Bobby Deal, Victoria Fleming, Liam Garrison, & Caitlyn Suttles

Clay High School Top AR
Jordon Little (286.9 pts.)

Clay HS Goal (4 of 4) Drawing winners
Hunnter Adams, Sophia Balestra, Grant Cayton, Caleb Cline, & Hannah Oliver


Clay Panther Cards - Third Nine Weeks (2015-16)

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Panther Card Requirements

Gold Card
Gavin Cayton, Liam Garrison, Bailey Howard, Preslee Lutz, Andrew Brown, Clay Cottle, Regan Fyffe, Jaden Jessee, Mekenzie Loper, Evan Woods, Bailey Brooks, Alyssa Piccolo, Jaelyn Warnock, Ashtyn Brown, Lila Brown, Elisa Collins, Cameron DeLotell, Calvin Gerard, Delanie Gilliland, Hunter Mathias, Madison Nigh, Hannah Oliver, Tyler Phillips, Zach Swayn,, Gaven Traylo, Shaelyn Vassar, Jensen Warnock, Sarah Widdowson, Cassidy Wells, Hunter Armstrong, Alici, Bobst, Grant Cayton, Keith Cottle, Lane Downey, Savannah Moore, Abigail Osbor, Regan Osborn, Jacob Wellman, Samantha Willis, Cole Gilliland, Grant Hempill , Ava McCleese, Danielle Everman, Gabby Hickman, Aaron Keyser, James Madden, Katie Marsh, Levi Nelson, & Mekayla Osborne
Blue Card
Corey Demorest, Austin Smith, Dylan Collett, Lindsay Hamilton, James Prater, Kelsey Fowler, Angelina Hartley, Ashley Hurt, Caitlyn Suttles, Jacob Whitley, Lacyra Craig, Kayla Wright, Jordan Little, Duan Jingyang, Ethan Newton, Alaina Stowers, & Adam Swayne
White Card
Cole Carter, Taylor Entler, James Marsh, Ashleigh Young, Kaeleigh Meade, Chase Hudson, Chelsea Kleinman, Mason Newton, & Christopher Price-Hardy

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