Oak Hill HS & Clay HS Bands


It’s not often that fans are treated to three separate marching bands in a high school football game.

Normally, both high schools that are playing in the football game put on performances from their bands at halftime and in pregame. But what if your school doesn’t have a football team?

Such was the scenario for the Clay Panthers and their band. Clay was able to perform at home during basketball games, and for events like the Circleville Pumpkin Festival, but were never able to perform at a football game since the Panthers do not have a team.

That is, until Clay band director Alice Maggard was presented with an interesting opportunity from a fellow SOC school.

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Art Residency at Clay High School

Photographer Gary Harwood will work with art students at Clay High School this fall to assist in developing their photography and editing skills, and create visual images that tell a story in a project titled “In This Place.”

Harwood is a photographer, social documentarian, and visual storyteller from Kent, Ohio. He has taught photography at Kent State for over 20 years, and is co-author (with David Hassler) of the book, “Growing Season: The Life of a Migrant Community.”


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Lifeline of Ohio Speaks to Clay Students

Ellen Andersen, Community Educator from Lifeline of Ohio, and Tim Jones, a donor heart recipient, came to speak to Clay High School freshmen and sophomores on March 23, 2017.

According to Andersen, "...lives will be saved because you offered the opportunity for students to learn about donation. It is our goal that in the tragic circumstances, which allow for organ donation to take place, that families will make the decision they would have made a month earlier just sitting around the dinner table. We know that students do go home and discuss organ donations and that in the hospital setting they often are influential when the decision to donate is made."

Clay's WSAZ "Best of the Class" 2017

Cole Gilliland & Alaina Stowers

Panther Cards - Third Nine Weeks - 2016-17

Panther Card Requirements

Gold Card
Amelia Balestra, Amadea Everman, Allyssa Maynard,  Andrew Zuefle, Liam Garrison, Bailey Howard, Preslee Lutz, Andrew Brown, Clay Cottle, Regan Fyffe, Sophia Balestra, Sydney Barney, Ashtyn Brown, Lila Brown, Elisa Collins, Cameron DeLotell, Darby Garrett, Calvin Gerard, Alex Musser, Madison Nigh, Hannah Oliver, Tyler Phillips, Shaelyn Vassar, Cassidy Wells, Sarah Widdowson, Hunnter Adams, Hunter Armstrong, Grant Cayton, Keith Cottle, Bethany Flannery, Lexie Hubbard, Savannah Moore, Regan Osborn, Jacob Wellman, Sami Wilis, Hayleigh Barney, Cole Gilliland, Grant Hempill, Brody Riffe
Blue Card
Tyrus Keeton, Alliyah Maynard, Hailey Arnett, Jacy Gearheart, Mariah Smith, Kailey Ware, Sophia Gatti, Bailey Brooks, Dakota Dodds, Shawn Engle, Mason Newton, Shannon Copeland
White Card
Hannah McKenize, Brayden Jenkins, Bria McNeer, Brianna Thompson, Caleb McNutt, Bryce Toomire, McGwire Garrison


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