Clay Athletic Honors & Recognition 2022-23

OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award
Amadea Everman & Andrew Zuefle

OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award
Adrienne Whitley & Andrew Zuefle

OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award - Junior High
Eli Bailey & Addison Willis

OHSAA Courageous 
OHSAA Exemplary Service Award

NFHS Award of Excellence
Amadea Everman & Alex Lands

NFHS Junior High Award of Excellence
Eli Bailey & Addison Willis

NIAAA Three-Season HS Athlete
Seniors - Maggie Swayne
Juniors - Brandon Malone
Sophomores - Sarah Cassidy, Tristan Large, & Malachi Loper

NIAAA Multi-Sport/Scholar (A-B) HS Athlete
Seniors - Amadea Everman, Kate Fife & Alex Lands
Juniors - Carson Holschuh, Austin Knauff, Marshall Thornton, & Eric Wang
Sophomores - McKenize Bailey, Sarah Cassidy, Laney Fife, Tristan Large, & Malachi Loper
Freshmen - Madelyn Bach, Sophia Craft, Cayden McKenzie, Abigail Miller, & Jason Wang

National Honor Society members who also participated in athletics during the 2022-23 school year:  Abby Clausing, Amadea Everman, Delaney James, Megan King, Mallory Swords, & Adrienne Whitley

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