Clay Elementary Spelling Bee 2019-20

Clay Elementary held the 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee on January 14, 2020.  Classroom contestants from fourth grade were Mia Lunsford, Audrey Bach, Griffin Gerard, and Lawsyn Gerwig.  Classroom contestants from fifth grade were Grayson Isaac, Ryan Kennison, Brady Hadsell, and Mason Greene.  Thank you, Mr. Williams, Clay Elementary's Spelling Bee Coordinator and word pronouncer.  Thank you to Spelling Bee Judges:  Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Shepherd, and Mr. Rhea.

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Congratulations to Spelling Bee runner-up Mia Lunsford and Spelling Bee winner Lawsyn Gerwig. Read more: Clay Elementary Spelling Bee 2019-20


Christmas Gift for Steven's Power Pack Club

Mark and Virgie Hunter gave Steven's Power Pack Club Members a chocolate candy bar as a Christmas gift on December 10.  Mark and Virgie are responsible for 36 students at Clay Elementary who receive extra food on weekends throughout the school year. Thank you Mark and Virgie for all you do for our students and students throughout surrounding schools!

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Children's Book Author

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Jaden Jessee, a Clay High School Junior has written and illustrated a Children's Book, "Sammy Saves the Sea". He read his book to Clay Elementary students on December 5, 2019.  Congratulations Jaden, for getting your book published and thanks for reading it to our elementary students!


Fall Fundraiser Incentives

Clay Elementary students raised almost $9,000 in profit by selling cookie dough this fall.  Money raised is used for field trips, school supplies, incentives, rewards, trophies, and other needed items during the school year.  Congratulations to all students who sold items this fall.  The Top Seller was Adrianna Dunton and she won a $100 Walmart Gift Card.  Students who sold cookie dough won prizes as well as additional incentives including:  
1. Students (56) who sold 10 items participated in a pig race.  The overall Pig Race Winner was Griffin Gerard and he won a $50 Walmart Gift Card.
2. Students (25) who sold 20 items rode in a Limo and had a pizza lunch. 
3. Students (8) who sold 30 items rode in a Limo, had a pizza lunch, and was able to invite a friend to go with them.
These added incentives, the Pig Races, and the  Limo/Lunch were held on Wednesday, December 18.  Again, congratulations to all those that sold and were able to participate!
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Elementary Science Fair 2019

Read more: Elementary Science Fair 2019  Read more: Elementary Science Fair 2019  Read more: Elementary Science Fair 2019

                                                                                                                                                                       Clay Elementary Science Fair was held on December 4, 2019, for fourth-grade and fifth-grade students.  Thanks to Mrs. Zuefle, coordinator of the Science Fair; the judges for volunteering their time; and the PTC for buying participants pizza for lunch.  

The fourth-grade results were as follows:  1st Place - Mia Lunsford, 2nd Place - Keagan Fowler, 3rd Place - London Sinclair, & Honorable Mention - Griffin Gerard, Audrey Bach, and Elin Shaw.
The fifth-grade results were as follows:  1st Place - Brady Hadsell, 2nd Place - Caroline Ridenour, 3rd Place - Collin Burnside, & Honorable Mention - Izaya Penix, Adrionna Dunton, and Olivia Hightower.
The Grand Prize Winner was Eli Bailey.
Congratulations to all participants for your hard work preparing great Science Fair Projects!  


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