Miss Clay, Alison Smith, wins River Days 2018

  2018 River Day’s Queen and her court (l to r) 1st Runner-up, Baylee Martin, Queen, Ally Smith, and 2nd Runner-up Kylan Canary

Miss Clay wins Miss River Days 2018

The day started out with the fun-filled parade, which then led up to a wonderfully exciting night every little girl dreams of, the Queen’s pageant.

The River Day’s 2018 Queen Pageant was held at the Vern Riffe Center Saturday night. The evening was filled with representatives of each Scioto County School. The evening was filled with all the glitz and glitter on the night of the pageant.

To begin the evening, a dance was performed by the 2017 River Day’s Queen and her court, joined by all the 2018 River Day’s Contestants. Decked out in white and black jumpsuits, the contestants rocked the stage, along with the 2017 group, who dawned matching red jumpsuits. Each contestant introduced themselves and the school they represented.

The evening events continued until the anticipation in the crowd reached at a loud roar and the girls were standing, holding hands and waiting for the judges to turn in their final scores. All the hard work and fun was over, and the girls were restlessly waiting to hear what names were about to be called.

That moment arrived and the first name was called, 2nd Runner up is Miss Kylan Canary from Wheelersburg. She received her crown, trophy, and sash and the next name was called. 1st Runner-up is Miss Baylee Martin from South Webster, and she too was presented a crown, trophy, and sash.

As if the anticipation could go on any longer, the last name was called and the crowd erupted with cheers. Ally Smith from Clay became Miss River Day’s 2018. Kennedy McGraw 2017’s reigning River Day’s Queen passed the torch on and crowned the 2018 Miss River Day’s Ali Smith, who was given her trophy and sash and just as quick as that, everything stopped and the magical evening was over.

Source: Jenkins, Kimberly. "Miss Clay Wins 2018 River Days." Portsmouth-Daily Times.com, 3 September 2018 <https://www.portsmouth-dailytimes.com/news/31179/miss-clay-wins-2018-river-days>.

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