Key Club

Key Club 2023-24

Key Club volunteers and VB players who donated and made signs. The Volley for a Cure Event raised $830 for the Geralyn White Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Key Club Officers 2021-22
Bri Bennett, President
Kailey Ware, Vice-President
Amadea Everman, Secretary
Preslee Lutz, Treasurer

2021-22 Members:  Hailey Arnett, Owen Atkins-Plumlee, Bri Bennett, Justin Bennett, Summer Blevins, Makayla Borders, Sarah Cassidy, Mallory Cassidy, Abby Clausing, Marilyn Colley, Jessyka Davis, Bobby Deal, Amadea Everman, Katie Fife, Madison Jackson, Macyn Johnson, Megan King, Tristan Large, Blaine Lunsford, Preslee Lutz, Carly Martin, Jordyn Mathias, Gabby McElroy, Marissa Mogan, Kyleigh Oliver, Abbey Scott, Noah Steele, Mallory Swords, Landon Thomas, Kailey Ware, & Adrienne Whitley

Key Club Officers 2020-21

Key Club Officers 2019-20

Key Club Officers 2018-2019

President - Sydney Barney
VP - Shaelyn Vassar
Secretary - Lila Brown
Treasurer - Jaymes Jones
Editor - Sophia Balestra
Class Director - Emily Clausing
CHS Advisor -  Mrs. Everman
Kiwanis Advisor - Mr. Rhea

The Clay HS Key Club is sponsored by the Portsmouth Kiwanis.

Greenlawn Cemetary Painting Project, October 2018.

Key Club Officers 2017-2018
President - Savannah Moore
VP - Bethany Flannery
Secretary - Lila Brown
Treasurer - Sydney Barney
Editor - Shaelyn Vassar
Class Director - Andrew Brown
Advisors - Mrs. Armes & Mrs. Everman

The Clay HS Key Club is sponsored by the Portsmouth Kiwanis.

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