UCAN & Clay Legacy Fund

The Scioto Foundation values learning and the attainment of a college education for any and all in our community who chose to access it. A college education and its potential impact upon individuals and families can have a far-reaching effect upon the quality of life for the residents of the Scioto County area. In response to our lessons learned, our value of learning, and commitment to improving the quality of life for the residents of the Scioto County area, the Scioto Foundation has created the University College Access Network. UCAN is a program dedicated to providing financial assistance for our local youth to attend college.

The Clay Legacy Fund is part of the Scioto Foundation and the UCAN program.

The UCAN plan envisions the creation of a network connecting Scioto County school systems, families, community partners, local donors and the Scioto Foundation working together to achieve a mission that makes it possible for any child who wants to go to college to achieve that dream. The Foundation recognizes the need for flexibility in order to make UCAN suit each individual school system and welcomes input and suggestions on how to ensure its success.

For more information, contact the Scioto Foundation, the Clay Alumni Association, or talk to your school guidance counselor or high school administration.

Additional information

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