Barn Hill Preserve Visits Clay Elementary

Barn Hill Preserve came to our school for a free educational animal program on February 13, 2020. The presenter discussed animal habitats, diets, lifespan, interesting facts, animal husbandry, and conservation. Students saw an Eagle Owl, Bearded Dragon, Tortoise, Ball Python, Three-banded Armadillo, and Chinchilla. Also, students could buy a photo with the Eagle Owl, Tortoise, or Bearded Dragon. Various merchandise items were available to purchase as well.  By purchasing photos or merchandise, students help Barn Hill Preserve provide care to the Animal Ambassadors.



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Clay Elementary Spelling Bee 2019-20

Clay Elementary held the 4th and 5th Grade Spelling Bee on January 14, 2020.  Classroom contestants from fourth grade were Mia Lunsford, Audrey Bach, Griffin Gerard, and Lawsyn Gerwig.  Classroom contestants from fifth grade were Grayson Isaac, Ryan Kennison, Brady Hadsell, and Mason Greene.  Thank you, Mr. Williams, Clay Elementary's Spelling Bee Coordinator and word pronouncer.  Thank you to Spelling Bee Judges:  Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Shepherd, and Mr. Rhea.

Congratulations to Spelling Bee runner-up Mia Lunsford and Spelling Bee winner Lawsyn Gerwig. 


Elementary Honor Roll 2nd Nine Weeks 2019-20

Elementary students were recognized at an Honor Assembly.  Kindergarten and first-grade students were recognized and received an ice cream treat for Excellent Achievement (100% of standards met), Outstanding Achievement (95-99% of standards met), and Honorable Achievement (85-94% of standards met).  Second through fifth-grade students were recognized and received an ice cream treat for A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, and B Honor Roll.  All grade levels were also recognized for "Super Improvers," Good Discipline Awards, and students that were "Caught Being Good."  These students also received an ice cream treat.  Congratulations to all these students for their hard work!



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Christmas Gift for Steven's Power Pack Club

Mark and Virgie Hunter gave Steven's Power Pack Club Members a chocolate candy bar as a Christmas gift on December 10.  Mark and Virgie are responsible for 36 students at Clay Elementary who receive extra food on weekends throughout the school year. Thank you Mark and Virgie for all you do for our students and students throughout surrounding schools!

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