2008 Cleanup Project

Rosemount Road Cleaned Up on Monday
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By Wayne Allen
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Friday, April 25, 2008 3:05 PM CDT
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“One of our high litter areas in Portsmouth is Rosemount road,” Dan Palmer of the Lawrence-Scioto Solid Waste Management District Recycling and Litter prevention District Coordinator said. Palmer and his staff with permission from the Scioto County Engineer will be closing Rosemount Road on Monday, April 28th from Noon- 2 p.m., for a clean up effort.

Forty-Four Clay High School Seniors will be helping to clean Rosemount road on Monday in an effort to raise awareness about litter prevention and for community service.

In a concern for the students safety there will be barricades set up on both sides of the road to block traffic. The clean is being restricted to student participation only.

One of the things Palmer is hoping to do with the event is raise awareness. “There is no need for this (Litter). There is no since for this area of the community being littered like this,” Palmer noted.

“We have been in conversation with Dan Palmer and his staff, and have talked a lot about recycling and starting a program within the school district. So much of our waste is solid waste that could be recycled, we could recycle 95% of what we use why would we not do that,” Clay High School principal Todd Warnock said.

The Clay Local School district is considering starting a recycling program for the 2008-2009 school year.

When school district officials were talking about the possibilities of a recycling program the conversation shifted to local roads and people littering. That conversation then lead to talking about Rosemount Road which in turn helped to get the idea for Monday started.

“There is a tremdous amount of litter (on Rosemount Road) they go over the hill and people can not see them and people just throw their trash out. That's where we live. We wanted to clean the road but we know that there will be people driving through and throw their trash out again. We also wanted to raise awareness that littering is not good for the community,” stated Warnock.

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