2009 Legacy Scholarships

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The Clay School Legacy Fund Recently Awarded Their Annual Scholarships to Six Graduates in the Clay Class of 2009



Courtney Wilson, daughter of Rick and Yolanda Wilson, was awarded the Alfred McCain, Class of 1944, and Terry McCain, Class of 1966 Memorial Scholarship.  Alexandria Blake Ruby, daughter of Greg and Michelle Ruby, was awarded the James R. Goad, Class of 1966, Memorial Scholarship.  Hannah Davis, daughter of Bryan and Lorinda Davis, was awarded the Jane Ann Thomas Hiatt Memorial Scholarship.  Kristen Hines, daughter of Tim and Sheryl Hines, was awarded the Craig Rose, Class of 1958, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Hunt Memorial Scholarship.  Shawn Ratcliff, son of Donald and Fernande Ratcliff, was awarded a 2009 Clay School Legacy Scholarship.  Chelsie Thomas, daughter of Jim and Tabi Thomas, was awarded a 2009 Clay School Legacy Scholarship. 


Clay Alumni President, Charles T. Leonard, says this is the first year the Clay School Legacy Fund has awarded six scholarships.  Leonard stated that they hope to award even more scholarships in the future.


Leonard stated the Clay Alumni Association is pleased they have been able to award a large number of scholarships during the last several years while building their fund with the Scioto Foundation for the future.  Leonard further stated these goals have been possible because of donations received from alumni members and friends of Clay Schools and money raised through fund raisers.  Leonard gave high praise to those alumni members who have given faithfully and generously each year, and to the many volunteers who have worked tirelessly at the fund raisers.


Leonard says that as of 2008, the Clay School Legacy Fund is now a joint venture between the Clay Schools and the Clay Alumni Association.  Leonard stated the alumni association is appreciative of all the support they are receiving from Anthony Mantell, Clay superintendent, and Todd Warnock, Clay High School principal, the Clay Board of Education, the faculty and all school employees, many of whom contribute to the Clay School Legacy Fund by payroll deduction each pay period.


Leonard said, “I believe that with the teamwork that will come from this joint venture, the Clay School Legacy Fund can achieve even greater objectives in the future.  I hope all Clay alumni will donate to the Clay School Legacy Fund.”  He further commented, “All donations small or large are appreciated.”  The Clay School Legacy Fund has an ultimate objective of being able to award a scholarship to every Clay graduate who wants to continue their education. 

Leonard encourages all graduated and friends of the Clay Schools to attend the Clay Alumni Banquet on Saturday, July 11, 2009, to be held at the American Legion Post, located at Seventh and Court Streets in Portsmouth.  The social hour begins at 5:30PM.  Tickets are $20.00 per person and may be purchased from Shirley Conklin by calling 740-354-6595.  The Clay Alumni Banquet is an important fund raiser for the Clay School Legacy Fund.


More information about the Clay School Legacy Fund may be obtained from the website:  http://claylegacyfund.edublogs.org/.

2009 CHS Science Fair

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Results from the Scioto County Science Fair
Alisha Adams and Katie Gregory received a superior, Katherine Bauer won best in her category (Earth Science), and Kristin Clark received an excellent rating

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2009 CHS Science Fair Results 

Clay High School Winners

Overall Winner - Katherine Bauer
1st Place Individual – Kristin Clark 
2nd Place Individual – Cassie Kight 
3rd Place Individual – Nicole Chandler  

1st Place Team – Katie Wheeler and Zac Boyer
2nd Place Team – Kyle Pollard and Morgan Garrett 
3rd Place Team – Katie Gregory and Alisha Adams  

Clay Jr. High Winners

Overall Winner – Christian Doyle
1st Place Individual – Alison Castle 
2nd Place Individual – Taylor LaValley 
3rd Place Individual – Micheal Schmidt  

1st Place Team – Hayley Ferguson and Jerusha Durham
2nd Place Team – Jocee Hughes and Chanan Brown 
3rd Place Team – Karissa Lockwood and Chastity Allen

~Information and pictures furnished by Mr. Hunter, Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Colley

2006-2007 CHS Volunteering



Clay Student Council Lock-In






CHS Students Raised $ for Red Cross

CHS Students @ Heartland - Art Therapy


CHS Blood Drive



Members of the Clay National Honor Society helped with the Christmas
spirit by collecting and donating toys to the Kids of Prisoners program.  They also went to Rosemount Elementary to help the K-3 students celebrate Christmas.


Members of the Clay JrH Bible Club who donated toys to Salvation Army

2008-2009 DAR Award

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Hilary Noel Selected as Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award Recipent

Clay High School is announcing the nominations and winner of the D.A.R. Good Citizen Award for the 2008-2009 school year. There were four students nominated by the high school teachers for this award and the members of the senior class, voting by secret ballot made the final selections.

This year, an outstanding senior student has won the award.  Hilary Noel, daughter of  Scott and Sheri Noel of Indian Drive, Portsmouth is the recipient.

Others nominated for this prestigious award were Kristen McClellan (daughter of Debra and Robert McClellan), Chelsie Thomas (daughter of Tabi and Jim Thomas) and Courtney Wilson (daughter of Jodi and Rick Wilson).

*Information provided by Mr. Hayes/Picture provided by Kristen McClellan

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